Cello Music & Film Systems Series 8.1 DAC with Power Supply


Super rare and collectible. At the time of listing there were no others available in the USA. Tested and working properly. 

This is the Cello Music and Film Systems Series 8.1 DAC, with Matching Series 8 Power Supply. 

On the back of the main unit it says "Custom Built Exclusively for Cello Music & Film Systems by Apogee Electronics Corporation, Santa Monica, California" and "CELLO DA8.1 SN51375E REV C 8.3".

The rear of the power unit states "120 Vac, Apogee Electronics Corp.PS-1000E, SN2240E, REV A1".

The main unit has three digital inputs:

One AES/EBU Digital Input, one Optical Digital TOSLINK, and one SPDIF Digital Input via BNC connector (Coaxial Digital).

The only outputs are a pair of mini balanced male XLR connectors for the Left 'A' and Right 'B' Channels. Mini XLR converters/adapters are not included with this listing.

This listing also includes the "Interface Connector" jumper power cable between the DAC and power supply.

Lastly this DAC is also fitted with an additional set of input jacks via proprietary cable as shown in our photos.

The rear panel SPDIF and Optical jacks are sensing. If a source is plugged into both inputs only the active source will function. The additional A/B SPDIF inputs can be accessed independently.

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D60 Digital Coaxial Interconnect (RCA/BNC Connectors)

OPT-1 Digital Optical Interconnect (TOSLINK Connectors)

Summit Series Silver Streak Analog Interconnects (PAIR) - BALANCED XLR Connectors

Summit Series Silver Streak Analog Interconnects (PAIR) - RCA Ultraplate or WBT Connectors

Kimber Kable - Base Series PK14 Power Cord



Original Box

Not Included


Yes Included


Not Applicable


Yes - As Pictured

Physical Condition

7 / 10

Working Condition

10 / 10

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