Unboxing a New Old Stock Marantz 10B Tube Tuner! SUPER RARE and FIRST EVER on YouTube

Back in the 1960's and 70's there were three tuners released that are now considered "The Holy Grail of Tuners."

The McIntosh MR78, the Sequerra Model No 1, and the Marantz Model 10B. 

It's rumored this tuner actually put Marantz out of business, or at least started the decline for Marantz back when it was a US company based out of Long Island City, New York.  

We think this was due to the complexity, build quality, and design of this tuner, as this was quite the undertaking for a company of that size at that time.

The Marantz Model 10B featured in this video is not currently available for purchase, but we do have a single 10B in stock as of this writing that is in wonderful shape - including a chassis that doesn't show any signs of rust, which is rare. Plus it comes with a documented professional service history.

Please click here to view our Model 10B as well as other Marantz items currently available for purchase from our collection.

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