The Very Best of Sony from the Late 80's

From our private collection, we’ve assembled what we believe to be the very best of Sony from the late 80's. 

Over many years we cherry picked the highest quality components in the best condition possible.  

While Sony produced many models and variations, there are a select few that were far and away superior in design and build quality which stand out from the rest.  While two models may look the same and have a slightly different model number, internally they may be substantially different.  

Take the CD player for example - The CDP-707ESD weighs in at close to 50 lbs., has a copper plated chassis, and there isn’t a single piece of plastic used internally.  The circuit layout and parts quality are ridiculously high and it's hard to believe Sony ever made any money on this unit.  

We are still hunting for the PX-X555ES ES turntable to complete the set...

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