The Best of Nakamichi as our System of the Week

This weeks' system features the best of Nakamichi from the late 80's and early 90’s.

From top to bottom:
Dragon CT Computing Turntable, ST-7 Tuner, CA-7A Pre, OMS-7AII CD player, DRAGON Cassette Deck, and PA-7 amp.  

Some would argue that the CR-7 is a better deck, but we thought the DRAGON looks much cooler.  

The Dragon CT turntable is a pretty rare piece featuring a robotic record centering system (!) where a second arm measures the center of the record and adjusts it as needed by offsetting the platter.  Quite complicated and ingenious and the sort of thing only a company like Nakamichi in their prime could pull off.  

All components are made in Japan and are still working perfectly after all these years.

(For large resolution displays click on eacb photo to view a higher resolution copy)

Nakamichi System of the Week

Nakamichi System of the Week

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