SkyFi's Stereo Concierge Service Creates our Latest System of the Week

We assembled this System of the Week for a wonderful new client that's about to take it to its new home.

Pictured here undergoing testing in our listing room for a few days before final installation.  

While we test every piece thoroughly in our lab, when assembling a system we like to run and listen to it all together for a few days to make sure it all works as it should, in perfect harmony and without any glitches.  

This system is comprised of several classic pieces from the world of vintage HiFi including:

Legendary Acoustic Research AR-3 Speakers
Linn LP-12 Turntable with Luxman Tonearm
McIntosh MC-275 MK-V Amplifier
McIntosh C28 Preamplifier

She also signed up for our “Stereo Concierge” service where we individually curate the best of the best in terms of performance, collectability, and aesthetics.  

SkyFi Audio System of the Week

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