SkyFi’s System of the Week Includes ‘Super-Rare’ Gear

Another awesome shoutout from our friends over at Sounds & Vision!

"A couple weeks ago New York City’s Stereo Exchange expanded its operation to include the used audio gear bought, reconditioned, and resold under the “certified pre-owned” label by NJ-based SkyFi Audio.

Many of the offerings are wonderful vintage pieces, like the super rare Tannoy Red speakers mounted in Lancaster Senior cabinets and Luxman CL35 MKIII/68c tube preamp/amp combo. Remarkably, the Luxman combo is operating with original NEC tubes. The system’s source unit is a modern CD player with a vintage look from Luxman.

SkyFi says the system was “curated…over several months” from products in its inventory with close attention paid to aesthetics and performance.

SkyFi Audio’s latest arrivals include a stunning Garrard 301 turntable with an equally stunning price of $8,999. The table features a custom plinth and SME 309 tonearm."

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