Send Us YOUR System of the Week - Our First Client Feature!

We're thrilled to share one of the first systems sent in via our brand new "Send Us YOUR System" newsletter feature - from Eric's living room in sunny Fresno California...

Tell us about your Preamplifier:
Shown on the top right side, this is a DIY preamp that I made out of aluminum and walnut stock, using a Nelson Pass-based DCB1 passive preamp and Hypnotoad phono stages (MM and MC), along with a remote-controlled Goldpoint passive attenuator.

Tell us about your Amplifier:
Right below the DIY preamp is an Adcom GFA-5800 250-watt-per-channel solid state amplifier.

Tell us about your Speakers:
These are JBL 4435 studio monitors that came out of an Orange County recording studio, where countless albums were recorded using them. I got them in parts and completely rebuilt them with new veneer, refoamed woofers, Radian aluminum horn diaphragms and charge-coupled crossovers. They sound astounding; very neutral with tight but powerful bass. At 96 dB sensitivity they can handle anything from whisper quiet to terrifyingly loud.

Tell us about your Sources:
I rebuilt the Technics SL-1200 M3D turntable with a custom walnut plinth, cocoa-brown powder-coating and a lot of KAB upgrades, a MK5 tonearm and a fluid tonearm damping system. I also use a Squeezebox Touch with my NAS music server, and a PS Audio Digital Link III DAC.

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