Incredible McIntosh System of the Week - Recent Newsletter Feature


We just sold the unique, rare, and super heavy (sounding and weighing) flagship McIntosh XCS2K center channel speaker.

We were super curious what kind of system would need that much SOUND. Then we received these photos that we've been drooling over since!!!

Left Rack:
Pro-Ject Turntable
McIntosh Light Box
McIntosh MVP881 Blu-ray/SACD/CD
2 x McIntosh MC501 Amplifiers (One Spare)
Monster Signature Power HTPS 7000
Xbox 360

Main System:
McIntosh XRT2K Left and Right Speakers
McIntosh XCS2K Center channel
Front speakers powered by McIntosh MC2KW amps 
Center *bi-amped* w/McIntosh MC1.2KW amps (!)
MC501 powering Thiel CS5i surround speakers
 McIntosh MX150 Surround Processor/Pre
McIntosh MPC1500 Power Controller
JL Audio Gotham Subwoofer
77" LG OLED Display
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