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Thorens TD 126 MKIII Vintage Turntable with Grado Cartridge

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Thorens Td 126 Mkiii Vintage Turntable With Grado Cartridge

Thorens TD 126 MKIII Vintage Turntable with Grado Cartridge

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This particular TD 126 stands above the rest of the TD models due to its features and ease of use. There were many versions of the TD 126 and this one is the MKIII variant benefiting from many improvements.

This is one of the cleanest TD 126 examples we've seen to date. The cabinet has a gorgeous dark mahogany patina, the metalwork is clean and rust free, and the plastics look close to new.

Everything is superb except the acrylic cover which has the typical scratches and scuffs. 

The tonearm has an electronic lifting mechanism so you can let the stylus down gently without any drama. Great for those of us with shaky hands!

The platter also stops and stops automatically as the tonearm is moved, great if you forget that the record is playing.

There's also three push-button selectable speeds plus a built-in strobe, making setting and monitoring the speed effortless. 

A rear mounted and gold plated output terminal box allows you to select which RCA cable you'd like to match.

We fitted a nice Grado cartridge to get you started with no fuss.

The TD 126 by Thorens is the transcription turntable for discriminating music lovers and professional users.

It is the product of 95 years experience in the construction of musical instruments allied to the mastering of the most advanced technology in the fields of fine mechanics and electronics.

The main objectives of Thorens engineers remain unchanged: robustness, reliability and life-time maintenance of the original performance specification.

In the constant battle against rumble, Thorens designed a servo controlled electronic belt-drive to associate with their unique floating suspension system. 

Thanks to this exclusive design, the TD 126 can claim rumble figures equalled by no other drive system.

The TD 126 mkI, mkII and mkIV use AC synchronous motors, while the TD 126 mkIII uses a DC servo motor.

Brand Background:

Thorens is the oldest name in entertainment electronics, founded in 1883 by Hermann Thorens in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland. The brand is still worldwide known for its high-quality record players. 

Thorens is a formerly Swiss manufacturer of high-end audio equipment. Thorens is historically renowned for the range of phonographs (turntables) the manufacturer produces. In addition to audio playback equipment, Thorens is also a historical producer of harmonicas and cigarette lighters, most notably the button actuated "automatic lighter".


Single Owner


Single RCA output jacks (L + R) with ground.

General Sound:

Accurate to the recording

Cosmetic Condition:

7 - Some Wear and Light Scratches

Working Condition:

Working perfectly and tested in our lab.


Unit, power cord, and Grado phono cartridge.


Original Manufacturers Packing


(W x D): 505 x 395 mm (19.88" x 15.55")
Height with cover closed: 170 mm (6.69")
Height with cover open: 460 mm (18.11")
Depth with cover open: 395 mm (15.55")


30.0 lbs.




Link to Manual:

Thorens TD 126 MkIII - Manual

Recommended Cables:

Kimber Kable - Tonearm Interconnects - Better

Kimber Kable - Flagship Tonearm Interconnects - Best

Testing Process:

First we try to identify any mechanical issues, particularly in the tonearm bearings.  We check for freedom of movement or any resistance on both the horizontal and vertical range.  There is a quick test for this which involves placing the table on its front edge and allowing the arm to swing freely like a pendulum.  We then make any adjustments necessary to achieve minimal resistance and sometimes adjust the bearing pressure.  On gimbal tonearms we inspect the cone tip with a magnifier.  

We then asses the platter speed by using one of several methods, the most accuse is a playing a test tone on a test record and measuring the frequency out put with a frequency counter or oscilloscope.  We also utilize test equipment to measure the wow and flutter to ensure its within spec.  We do this for all speeds available for that particular model.  Adjustments are then made to achieve proper speed which will vary depending on table drive design.  Some require an adjustment of an internal or external potentiometer, some will require a pulley or motor adjustment.  We also inspect the platter bearing to ensure its properly lubricated keeping in mind that some don't require lubrication at all.

We then inspect the power supply and address any issues with overworked capacitors particularly on Linn and later Thorens machines which tend to need attention.  

On fully mechanical vintage tables like the Thorens TD124 and Garrard 301/401 we will go thought the entire mechanism, replace any worn parts and lubricate all components necessary to ensure smooth operation, speed change and low mechanical noise. 

When fitting a new cartridge we will go through our detailed calibration process which can involve as many as 12 steps depending on the arm design.  We perform this work on our custom turntable calibration rig which was developed in-house.  

Some of these steps include:

Pivot to spindle adjustment

Tracing force


Tonearm height

Lifter height



Stylus Distance and Overhang

We then do a critical listening test using our test records and our test system to ensure proper sonics. 


Drive System: 1 step belt-drive
Motor: DC Motor with 72 pole tachogenerator
Speed:  33⅓, 45 and 78 rpm electronic speed selection
Motor Speed Control: Electronic regulation with load correcting automatic pitch control
Pitch Control: ±6% illuminated stroboscope
Turntable Platter:  3,2 kg zinc alloy dynamically balanced
Platter Diameter: 30 cm (12")
Wow & Flutter: Less than 0,035% according to DIN 45507
Rumble Unweighted: -52 dB according to DIN 45539
Rumble Weighted: -72 dB according to DIN 45539
Rumble Measured with the THORENS Rumble Measuring Device:
Rumble Unweighted : -65 dB according to DIN 45539
Rumble Weighted : -78 dB according to DIN 45539

Tonearm TP 16 Mk III
Cartridge Wand TP 63
Tonearm Lenght: 230 mm (9")
Effective Mass: 7,5 g
Stylus Overhang: 14,4 mm
Offset Angle: 22⁰
Lateral Tracking Error: Less than 0,18⁰/cm radius
Skating Compensation: Magnetic force without friction
Stylus Pressure Appliance: by spring
Bearing Friction: Less than 0,15 mN (15 mp) in bith planes
Cartridge Fitting: Standard ½"" centres
Capacitance of Cable: 190 pF ± 10%

Auto Stop: Electronic velocity sensor
Mains Voltage: 117/220 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 11 Watt

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