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McIntosh Dealer and Sales Policies

For the Consumer's Protection
In order to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, new McIntosh products may only be purchased from an Authorized McIntosh Dealer; and, with certain limited exceptions may only be purchased over-the-counter or delivered and installed by the Authorized McIntosh Dealer.

McIntosh does not warrant, in any way, products that are purchased from anyone who is not an Authorized McIntosh Dealer, or that have had their serial numbers altered or defaced.

Please support your local McIntosh Dealer.

Dealer Types
McIntosh has various levels of dealers based on the amount of product they have on display. But regardless of their size, all are fully capable and qualified to assist you with your needs. All dealers offer both our 2-channel and home theater products. If you are looking for a specific product, we recommend you contact your dealer to confirm they have it on display before visiting them.

Experience Centers have the largest amount of products on display. They contain a dedicated McIntosh showroom that is configured to mimic a home setting so you can see how a system may look in your space.

Reference (Platinum), Platinum, Merchandising, and Authorized dealers display descending amounts of products but without the home setting design.

*SkyFi Audio is a "Reference Platinum" level McIntosh Dealer.

Reference dealers display the MC2KW 2,000 Watt amplifier and XRT2.1K loudspeaker – considered by many to be the pinnacle of high performance audio.

Custom Integrators work by appointment only so please call before visiting. Some may not have products on display but they still have access to the entire McIntosh product line.

Distributors handle all sales outside the US and Canada but all products are still built at the McIntosh factory in Binghamton, NY. Please use the locator to contact your distributor who can help you find a local dealer.

Using the McIntosh Dealer Locator
Use the local dealer locator to find Authorized McIntosh Dealers or Authorized International Distributors near you. Or e-mail us at or call us at +1-607-723-3512 and ask for dealer locator assistance.

McIntosh Dealer Locator - Click Here to Launch

For US and Canadian searches:
The dealers may not be listed in order of distance to your location. Instead they may be listed first by Dealer Type (with Experience Centers listed first, followed by Reference dealers, Platinum dealers, Merchandising dealers, Authorized dealers, and Custom Integrators) and then by distance. See the color coded legend above the map to determine each dealer's type. In addition, to help make sure you are presented with at least one Platinum or higher dealer, the locator may automatically expand the search radius up to 250 miles.

For non-US and Canadian searches:
The Authorized International Distributor for your country will be listed first, followed by individual retailers in your country listed in alphabetical order.

Authorized Online Dealers
Select McIntosh products are available to order online from specifically Authorized Online McIntosh Dealers located in the United States, solely to and for delivery to, purchasers living in the United States. Sale or delivery of these products outside the United States will void the manufacturer’s warranty.

To determine if a product is available to order from an Authorized Online Dealer, click on the "Eligible for online purchase?" button located on the right hand side of each product page.

Click here to view list of Authorized Online Dealers.

Unauthorized Dealers
McIntosh does not warrant, in any way, products that are purchased from anyone who is not an Authorized McIntosh Dealer, or that have had their serial numbers altered or defaced.

The following is a list of known Unauthorized resellers offering "new" McIntosh products. Any products purchased from these resellers will not be covered under warranty by McIntosh. This list is not all inclusive and there could be other Unauthorized resellers that we are unaware of.

Any products purchased from any Unauthorized reseller will not be covered under warranty by McIntosh regardless if they appear on this list. The "Find Local Dealer" and "Online Dealer" links are regularly updated to identify all such Dealers.

If you are considering the purchase of a new McIntosh Product from someone not identified through those links, please contact McIntosh before your purchase, to insure that you do not make the mistake of purchasing a McIntosh Product for which there is no McIntosh Warranty.

• 3mA Highend Audio, Houston, TX
• Amazon
• Audiogon
• eBay
• House of Music, San Francisco, CA
• Precision Audio & Video, Chicago, IL
• The Music Room, Erie, CO
• The Upgrade Company