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Michael Fremer's Continuum Caliburn Turntable with Cobra Arm - Installed and Calibrated by the Legendary Mr. Fremer Himself

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Michael Fremers Continuum Caliburn Turntable With Cobra Arm - Installed And Calibrated By The

Michael Fremer's Continuum Caliburn Turntable with Cobra Arm - Installed and Calibrated by the Legendary Mr. Fremer Himself

SkyFi 479

Pickup currently unavailable

479 South Broad Street
Glen Rock NJ 07452
United States


Michael Fremer’s personal Continuum Caliburn with Cobra tonearm and Castellon stand is for sale!

Starting in 2005 and until very recently, it was his reference turntable.

At the time of purchase the MSRP was $90,000. Towards the end of the production run the Caliburn/Castellon/Cobra MSRP reached $150,000.

This is one of very few chrome finished Caliburns. In 2012 the original magnetic repulsion/pneumatic suspension platform was replaced with a far superior Minus-K isolation system integrated within the Castellon stand - a special tall edition built specifically for the reviewer. The Minus-K upgrade cost $5000. The platter was upgraded around that time with a new surface material. In addition, the Cobra arm’s wiring harness was upgraded to a Crystal Cable Dream Cable from the cartridge clips to RCA connectors. The motor control system was also reprogrammed to produce measurably superior performance.

The disassembled turntable showed zero scoring or wear of any kind to the spindle bearing - a testament to the high build quality. Before being offered for sale, the motor, the motor controller, and the vacuum pump were returned to the original Continuum authorized technician. He rebuilt the pump, inspected and adjusted the motor, and reprogrammed the motor controller replacing the PLC and the power supply. 

This sale includes the rare leather-bound instruction manual, the “road case” on casters, and all accessories. There’s also a custom part called a “dogbone” that can be used to mount a Kuzma 4 Point or a Graham Eiite on the rear arm mount that was originally designed for a second Cobra arm.

Note: chrome plating magnesium is extremely difficult and there are a few cosmetic irregularities, including minor “pitting” and one small area on the platter below the top plate (so not visible) where the chrome plating did not fully “take”. Please eee our pictures for details.

In addition, a rear acrylic panel was cut in half to make it easier to run tonearm wires but it’s not visible from the front. 

Selling price includes installation in your home by Michael Fremer (you must pay transportation to and from, plus hotel). Please note: this is a very heavy turntable and will require additional manpower.

No cartridge is inclued as we suspect the new owner will want to pick one with Mr. Fremer's assistance. Secondary or alternate tonearms are also available. Please call or write for options.

This item will ship freight in a high quality flight case for safe transport at an additional fee, to be calculated after purchase to your home state or country. Local delivery via courier possible as well. (Please note this item is exempt from any free shipping promotions).

Included with your purchase:
• Turntable with Motor
• Cobra Carbon Fiber Tonearm
• Minus-K Isoclation System
• Nickel Plated Stand with Tensioners and 3 Shelves
• Motor Motor Control Unit
• Vacuum Control Unit
• Extra Acrilyc Top Plate
• Spikes
• Upgraded Cable to Crystal Cable Dream Series
• Original Manual
• Flight Case

Here's a video of a similar table we had a few years back: Ownership:
Single Owner (Michael Fremer!)

RCA Outputs and IEC Power Cords for 2 Units

Cosmetic Condition:
7/10 = Good. One or two minor scratches. Well Maintained.. See our detailed rating description here.

Working Condition:
Working perfectly and calibrated on our custom turntable calibration stand.

Will be packed using our highly developed in-house process and custom packing materials.Original MSRP:

300 lbs.

Approximate Age:

Recommended Cables:
Kimber Kable - Flagship Tonearm Interconnects - Best

Kimber Kable - Ascent 14 Gauge Power Cord - Better

Kimber Kable - Ascent 10 Gauge Power Cord - Better

Kimber Kable - Palladian 14 Gauge Power Cord - Best

Kimber Kable - Palladian 10 Gauge Power Cord - Best

Testing Process:
First we try to identify any mechanical issues, particularly in the tonearm bearings. We check for freedom of movement or any resistance on both the horizontal and vertical range. There is a quick test for this which involves placing the table on its front edge and allowing the arm to swing freely like a pendulum. We then make any adjustments necessary to achieve minimal resistance and sometimes adjust the bearing pressure. On gimbal tonearms we inspect the cone tip with a magnifier.

We then asses the platter speed by using one of several methods, the most accuse is a playing a test tone on a test record and measuring the frequency out put with a frequency counter or oscilloscope. We also utilize test equipment to measure the wow and flutter to ensure its within spec. We do this for all speeds available for that particular model. Adjustments are then made to achieve proper speed which will vary depending on table drive design. Some require an adjustment of an internal or external potentiometer, some will require a pulley or motor adjustment. We also inspect the platter bearing to ensure its properly lubricated keeping in mind that some don't require lubrication at all.

We then inspect the power supply and address any issues with overworked capacitors particularly on Linn and later Thorens machines which tend to need attention.

On fully mechanical vintage tables like the Thorens TD124 and Garrard 301/401 we will go thought the entire mechanism, replace any worn parts and lubricate all components necessary to ensure smooth operation, speed change and low mechanical noise.

When fitting a new cartridge we will go through our detailed calibration process which can involve as many as 12 steps depending on the arm design. We perform this work on our custom turntable calibration rig which was developed in-house.

Some of these steps include:
• Pivot to spindle adjustment
Tracing force
Tonearm height
Lifter height
Stylus Distance and Overhang

We then do a critical listening test using our test records and our test system to ensure proper sonics.

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