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VAC (Valve Amplification Company) V-100 Vintage High Power Monoblock Tube Amplifiers

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Vac (Valve Amplification Company) V-100 Vintage High Power Monoblock Tube Amplifiers Amplifier

VAC (Valve Amplification Company) V-100 Vintage High Power Monoblock Tube Amplifiers

SkyFi 479

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Here we have a rare and early set of monoblocks from legendary tube amp maker VAC.  

While they are simple in design and construction, they deliver the benefits of separate left and right amplifiers in a reasonable price range.  These amps are pretty rare and there is little information about them on the internet, but the few mentions we found are very positive.  

In our listening room they did a super job at driving our vintage reference speakers, the Tannoy Ardens.  Sure, the Aredens are an easy and efficient load, but they are also very revealing and provided a great soundstage with warm details sonic quality. 

Cosmetic condition is very good with no significant signs of use or abuse.  There are no noticeable scratches or wear marks that I could see.  The faceplate is finished in brass and the rest of the chassis is painted in gloss black which looks gorgeous.  

The labels reveal these are consecutive serial number units and were manufactured as a set.  And we actually have the original boxes which will ensure save travel to your home.  

On the bench they performed admirably, delivering the full potential of the 4 x KT88 tubes without any noise or drama.  If you prefer you can also choose to run 6550 tubes.  THD was within expected range and the output signal was super clean.  Note that we will do a final bias for you prior to shipping so you can enjoy them upon arrival. 

Some Additional Information:

The Vintage High Power is a wideband, low-feedback, monoblock power amplifier producing approximately 100 watts per chassis. It is largely based on the legendary Williamson circuit, which was first published in England in 1947, and was the mainstay of the original high fidelity movement. Notable features of this circuit include: - direct-coupled triode input amplifier and phase splitter, resulting in low phase shift - inherent precise balance of the phase splitter (if properly executed) at all frequencies and level, resulting in excellent push-pull balance and low distortion In the refined form presented in the VAC, this circuit delivers true state-of-the-art performance, and repudiates the more complex designs seen even to this day. The output stage features independent cathode bias for each tube, which results in excellent sound and the most stable and maintenance free operation available anywhere. Premium parts are employed throughout, including 14 pound 22 section bifilar-wound ultra wide band output transformers, polypropylene and polystyrene signal capacitors, high current rectifiers, low ESR power supply, and proprietary wiring. The quality of parts and careful layout allows the use of very little feedback for high sonic purity and low distortion.

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