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Symposium Audio Platform "SVELTE SHELF" 18" X 13" X 5/8"

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Symposium Audio Platform Svelte Shelf 18 X 13 5/8 Accessory

Symposium Audio Platform "SVELTE SHELF" 18" X 13" X 5/8"

SkyFi 479

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Used with some light scratches from equipment sliding. Looks very presentable.

18" X 13" X 5/8" dimensions (see our photos).

More from Symposium:
The Svelte Shelf - the 5/8" thick powerhouse.
The Svelte Shelf sets the bar for slender isolation platforms

Although Svelte Shelf's most noticeable feature is its attractive, slim design (hence the name "Svelte," meaning slim or slender), the fact is, it's not just a shelf, but a sophisticated, anti-resonant platform for the support of high quality audio and video components.

Placed under CD Players, DVD players, amps, preamps, speakers and more, Symposium's Svelte Shelf will improve the performance of your system without changing its inherent tonal character.

Prior to its introduction, equivalent performance required much greater thickness and mass. Weighing in at a mere 5/8" (1.6 cm) thickness, Svelte Shelf's design is simple, but effective. Now, even the most vertically-space-challenged rack or stand can benefit from Symposium vibration control.

The Svelte Shelf works well on most surfaces; it can be placed flat on an existing shelf or floor, or substituted for an existing shelf by ordering an exact size replacement.

Used correctly, the Svelte Shelf will improve the performance and accuracy of your audio or video system, with:
• Superior transient preservation
• More focus, with more precise imaging
• A quieter background with a lower noise floor
• Improved picture quality with video devices
• Better bass, with less distortion and "boom"
• Improved high frequency air, detail, and dynamics
• Better soundstage.

Because of its constrained-layer design, the Svelte is non-resonant, so it will not add any colorations or other "flavorings" to the original material- pleasant, unpleasant, or otherwise. You'll hear more of the original performance, with all of its nuance, tonal color, and dynamics intact. Like most Symposium products, a Svelte is not used to "sweeten" or "soften" sound or to highlight one particular sonic range or another, but rather as a tool for the realization of a higher level of accurate sound reproduction.

Svelte Shelves will not "warm over" or "soften" sonic information, but rather will increase resolution and detail, including important time domain information, without adding harshness, artificial bass, or "hi-fi" colorations!



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