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McIntosh MQ101 Environmental Equalizer - Vintage w/Wood Case

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McIntosh MQ101 Environmental Equalizer - Vintage w/Wood Case

SkyFi 479

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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We waited decades to get a new version of this wonderful equalizer, the MQ112, which is not easy to find due to incredible demand.

While the new MQ112 is a great seller, there are plenty of folks out there that will claim the old stuff just sounds better.

Ideal for getting the most out of your vintage speakers with 3 bands allowing you to boost or reduce the low, mids, and highs.

This example is in perfect working condition and very clean for its age. We performed a light service and made sure it's good to go for another few decades.

The McIntosh MQ101 Environmental Equalizer
The MQ101 Environmental Equalizer has an illuminated glass panel that matches the appearance and width of other McIntosh electronics. It also has Panloc fasteners that allow it to be locked in place in the cabinet or it can be unlocked to slide out. It is shipped complete with a wood cabinet. It can also be custom mounted using the panloc brackets from the cabinet. There is no power switch in the MQ101. It can be plugged to a switched outlet in the preamplifier or receiver. 

The MQ101 also has mid and high frequency controls. Some speaker systems have controls for the mid and tweeter that are part of the crossover network. These controls or switches are located at the rear of the cabinet that require reaching behind each speaker to make an adjustment. In addition, the potentiometers or switches that are used often become intermittent. The speaker system impedance also changes with various settings, sometimes going too low. In addition, the frequency range covered by each control is limited by the frequency range and efficiency of the mid or tweeter in the system. 

In comparison, the MQ101 mid frequency and high frequency controls can be remotely adjusted, do not affect the impedance, and avoid high currents. The frequency band for the mid and high frequencies is not limited to only the frequency range or efficiency of the mid or tweeter. It covers a range that relates better to music. 
The input to the MQ101 normally comes from the preamplifier main output. The output from the MQ101 then goes to the power amplifier input. However, when used with a receiver, access to the preamp output and power amp input is not always available. A way around this is to use the tape monitor section of the receiver. Tape Out from the receiver goes to the MQ101 input and the MQ101 output goes to Tape In on the receiver. The tape monitor switch in the receiver must then be left at the IN position. The Tape monitor function in the receiver is, of course, lost. A tape monitor switch on the front panel of the MQ101 is provided to restore this feature. Input and output jacks are located at the rear of the MQ101.

When The MQ101 is used with the tape monitor circuit, this would be equivalent to driving the MQ101 with the volume of the preamplifier up full. The MQ101 can then be overdriven. A three position input attenuator slide switch is at the left side in the rear. It is normally used in the 0dB position but when the MQ101 is driven by the tape monitor output, the switch must be placed in the –12dB position.

Cosmetic Notes:
- Cabinet has chipping on the corners and linear blemish on the right side panel.
- The glass faceplate has some scratching, and the top and bottom edges of the glass show paint separation in the form of tiny dots. Keep in mind this MQ101 is around  50 years "young".

SkyFi Service Notes:
- Cleaned all controls
- Replaced lamps as needed
- Polished jacks
- Internal & external cleaning
- Function test - PASS

Brand Background:
McIntosh Laboratory is an American manufacturer of handcrafted high-end audio equipment based in Binghamton, New York. The company was founded in 1949 by Frank McIntosh. The company designs and produces audio amplifiers, stereo tuners and other consumer electronics products.


Amplifier Recommendations:

RCA inputs and outputs
Captive power cord
AC outlet

General Sound:
Big beautiful musical sound with little fatigue.

Cosmetic Condition:
6/10 = Fair. Three to four minor scratches, or one major scratch. See our detailed rating description here.

Working Condition:
Working perfectly and tested in our lab.

Just the unit and power cord.

Will be packed using our highly developed in-house process and custom packing materials.Specs:
20Hz to 20,000Hz (+0.5 -0.5dB)


Hum and noise:

Input sensitivity:

Input impedance:
60k ohms

Input attenuator switch:
0dB, -6dB and -12dB

2.5V into 47k ohms

Tape monitor:
inputs and outputs with switch

Equalization low frequency:
0 to +17dB at 20Hz in 5 steps (0, +6, +9, +13 and +17dB)

Equalization mid frequency:
-5 to +5dB at 4000Hz in 5 equal steps

Equalization high frequency:
-4 to +4dB at 20kHz in 5 equal steps

Front panel:
Illuminated gold/teal with Panloc mounting

Unit size: 2-15/16" high, 16" wide and 10" deep (1-1/2" knob clearance)
Cabinet size: 3-1/2" high, 16-5/8" wide and 9-3/8" deep

15 lbs.

Approximate Age:

Recommended Cables:

Kimber Kable - RCA Interconnects - Better

Kimber Kable - RCA Interconnects - Best

Link to Manual:
Click Here

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- Serviced Accessory
McIntosh MQ101 Environmental Equalizer - Vintage w/Wood Case Sale price£1,564.00