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Esoteric UX-1 - SACD / CD / DVD-A / DVD Player - Complete Package

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Esoteric Ux-1 - Sacd / Cd Dvd-A Dvd Player Complete Package + Digital

Esoteric UX-1 - SACD / CD / DVD-A / DVD Player - Complete Package

SkyFi 479

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Fairly rare UX-1 from Esoteric. First one to come through our shop.

Capable of spinning just about every type of disc out there, and accordingly on the back you'll find just about every type of connection imaginable.

Right away you'll notice this piece feels like its built from a solid block of aluminum. If you're opposed to heavy units, this is not for you as it weighs a ton.

In superb condition with not a scratch or scuff on it.

Came to us from a single owner that used it in a second system, so it received very little use.

The front display is clear and bright, discs come to speed right away, and it sounds amazing especially with SACD.

In original packing with remote and manual. Please see our photos for detailed specifications.

Standout Features:

The world’s first VRDS mechanism for DVD and SACD players, incorporating a magnesium turntable and a SS400 bridge
The VDRS mechanism completely eliminates any vibration of the disc itself, thanks to the full-diameter clamp, which clamps the disc securely to the turntable. In addition, warping and other defects of the disc are eliminated. The constancy of the reading angle between the optical pickup and the disc pits is therefore increased, and read errors, together with the occurrence of timing errors to the clock circuit, are significantly reduced.

Playback of DVD/SACD discs requires high-speed rotation and a high degree of precision, and the UX-1 accordingly uses a magnesium turntable. This has only two-thirds the specific gravity of aluminum and has excellent shock-absorbent properties. The bridge employs a pair of precisely engineered ball bearings, and is constructed of SS400 steel, mounted directly on the 5mm thick steel base plate.

Audio DACs
All audio channels use Burr-Brown 24-bit DA converters (PCM1704). Improved linearity is achieved for the two front channels by the use of dual converters for each channel.
The audio DAC boards employ a high-quality quartz crystal, which results in the almost complete elimination of jitter and subsequent high-quality DA conversion.

Coreless motor with neodymium magnets
A newly-developed three-phase brushless spindle motor provides the fast and accurate turntable rotation required for DVD and SACD playback. This, and the fixing of the turntable together with the use of precision ball bearings, eliminate irregular rotation and vibration.

Research has shown that neodymium is the optimum magnetic material for this application. Neodymium absorbs changes to the motor’s electric power supply, and exerts minimal influence on the audio sections of the unit.

Constant-angle optical pickup mounted on a sled with feedback-monitored speed control
By mounting the pickup on a sled whose axis is rigid, the pickup lens is maintained at a constant angle and the laser beam, and hence the optical axis, is maintained in an accurate vertical orientation. An Esoteric original three-phase brushless motor with Hall element detection drives the sled, and the speed of the sled is monitored and used to control the sled itself in a servo feedback operation, meaning the sled is highly responsive and smooth in its operation.

Sturdy, rigid chassis with triple-point pinpoint foot support
The unit is constructed with a 5mm thick robust steel base plate, and is divided into three logical sections, thereby reducing interference between components of the unit. Highly rigid mounts are used for the VDRS disc mechanism.
To eliminate vibration, three solid (tool steel) feet support the unit and isolate it mechanically.

Esoteric UX-1 Owner's Manual

Please click here for detailed specifics regarding our specialized packing process that separates us from the rest.



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