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Dr. Feickert Firebird Turntable with Kuzma Tonearm - Stereophile Class A

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Dr. Feickert Firebird Turntable With Kuzma Tonearm - Stereophile Class A

Dr. Feickert Firebird Turntable with Kuzma Tonearm - Stereophile Class A

SkyFi 479

Pickup currently unavailable

479 South Broad Street
Glen Rock NJ 07452
United States


Very, very lightly used and presenting like new.

Finished in the optional wood finish sandwiched in black metal, gorgeous!

Fitted with the most desirable Kuzma tonearm. 

Call or write for cartridge and calibration options.

$23k MSRP

Let's get the obvious out of the way: Yes, the Dr. Feickert Firebird belt-drive turntable is massive – and intentionally high-mass. Huge even, by most standards, weighing 68.5 pounds and boasting a 6.25 x 22 x 18.11-inch plinth. It demands space in the same way it commands attention by way of its exacting design, painstaking engineering, immersive performance, and multifaceted functionality.

Expressly created to effortlessly accommodate two tonearms up to 12 inches in length, Firebird touts three brushless, three-phase DC motors laid out in an equilateral triangle form and connected to a proprietary controller in a phase-locked loop that produces extremely low jitter. Even if you're unfamiliar with all the ins and outs of ‘tables, you likely realize such architecture is rare – and stands as one of the factors that makes Firebird extremely special. 

Indeed, few, if any, other turntables allow installing, adjusting, and changing tonearms with more convenience and smarts than Firebird (which comes with a $250 Feickert Next Generation Universal Protractor). Two cutouts, each in one rear corner of the plinth, invite you to set up the tonearm of your choice and use the easy quick-change sliding system to adjust your it with utmost precision. (A single armboard comes standard; the second requires a Delrin slider and additional armboard.) As for as the plinth itself: A tempered MDF body sandwiched by elegant aluminum plates, all resting on adjustable vibration-resistant feet, and warrantied for two years (chassis and electronics for five years). Rest assured: Firebird arrives built to last.

For further proof, look to its 13.2-pound High Inertia Delrin platter with eight MS58 brass inserts for exacting balance and added mass as well as its inverted stainless-steel bearing, appointed with spiral grooves to pump oil and an oil-release grub screw for enhanced motor/bearing interaction help account for wondrous smoothness, effortless balance, and truly breathtaking stability. The end result: Near-imperceptible rumble and majestic quiet, particularly in that the bearing permits excellent synchronization and that the triangular motor arrangement contributes to supreme stability. In addition, the absence of drafts on the platter bearing eliminates undesirable force and distortion. 

When it comes to operation, this bird sings. One-touch speed selection for 33, 45, and 78RPM can be found directly on the plinth while "plus" and "minus" buttons let you further incrementally dial-in the speed. As for the sonics – smooth, lush, focused, poised, etch-free, neutral, and yet powerful and dynamic. Prepare to become addicted to your LPs.

Or, as Michael Fremer reported in Stereophile: "The Firebird's sound gave me a sensation of gliding smoothness and a sophistication of leading-edge transients. It avoided rough, hard edges as well as over-smoothed transients, but it definitely leaned toward the latter. Tonally, the Firebird had a pleasing neutrality, and excelled in the midrange, which was particularly rich and full bodied. High- and low-frequency extension were very good," he enthused. 

From top to bottom, Feickert's flagship soars – and comes with a Kuzma Stogi S 12 VTA tonearm. While not for every analog lover – please see the Dr. Feickert Blackbird, Woodpecker, or Volare if you don't require multi-12-inch tonearm-mounting capability – it offers future-proof and tweaker-centric fun in a package that aces sound, appearances, and functionality. 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guaranteed. "

"The Firebird has made it clear that if enough design attention is paid to the motors, pulley tolerances, mounting arrangement, controller, and interface between motors and platter, the problems of noise and jitter can be, if not completely solved, then reduced to near-irrelevance, leaving intact all of the benefits Dr. Feickert Analogue claims for the design. In fact, when I placed a stethoscope on the Firebird's plinth close to each of its motors, I heard near silence – and far less noise than I've heard from many single-motor designs I've 'scoped. Same with the Firebird's heavy, well-damped plinth."

– Michael Fremer, Stereophile

"The Firebird, with both arm/cartridge setups, imparted a solid feel to the music that was astonishing. This mattered the most when it came to imaging, when each piece of the musical puzzle was so carefully anchored to a specific location that it was eerily clear and tangible. Coupled with an unusually low noise floor, which the entire analog chain undoubtedly created as a whole, there was an extraordinary poise to the music."

 Marc Phillips, Part-Time Audiophile

"Via the Firebird, timbre is outstanding – smoother, sweeter, more complete, a big jump in credibility. I can readily distinguish the viola from the harp by their discrete placement and the enhanced body and weight of the harp. Its low notes make a bigger crescendo and have more punch than the viola."

– Marshall Nack, Positive Feedback

Kuzma Stogi S 12 VTA Tonearm
The Kuzma Stogi S 12 VTA is a 12-inch unipivot bearing design with a unique, rigid, square solid-aluminum headshell and solid brass base that controls all vibration and facilitates stability.

Featuring one uninterrupted piece of wire stretching from the head shell to connectors, every part of S 12 VTA arrives machined from solid metal in order to provide superb damping and minimize resonance. The polished pivot point is situated in an oil well, supplying extremely low friction and bearing vibration. The bearing height sits at record level for optimum tracking while the silicone damping controls cartridge resonance and offers stability in azimuth direction. Two counterweights allow easy adjustments of tracking force and azimuth.

 Fine azimuth adjustment is achieved by rotation of a horizontal screw in the main counterweight, which does not affect other tonearm parameters.

Single Owner

Cosmetic Condition:
8/10 = Very Good. Excellent front faceplate, one minor flaw on chassis side or top. See our detailed rating description here.

Working Condition:
Working perfectly and calibrated on our custom turntable calibration stand.

Unit, manual, and power cord.

Original Manufacturers Packing

Original MSRP:

Right arm-slot: 205 - 345 mm pivot-spindle (9 - 14 inch eff. length)
Left arm-slot (optional): 205 - 300 mm pivot-spindle (9 - 12 inch eff. length)
Dimensions: 22.0" x 18.1" x 6.3"
Weight: 63.9 lbs.

Testing Process:

First we try to identify any mechanical issues, particularly in the tonearm bearings.  We check for freedom of movement or any resistance on both the horizontal and vertical range.  There is a quick test for this which involves placing the table on its front edge and allowing the arm to swing freely like a pendulum.  We then make any adjustments necessary to achieve minimal resistance and sometimes adjust the bearing pressure.  On gimbal tonearms we inspect the cone tip with a magnifier.

We then asses the platter speed by using one of several methods, the most accuse is a playing a test tone on a test record and measuring the frequency out put with a frequency counter or oscilloscope.  We also utilize test equipment to measure the wow and flutter to ensure its within spec.  We do this for all speeds available for that particular model.  Adjustments are then made to achieve proper speed which will vary depending on table drive design.  Some require an adjustment of an internal or external potentiometer, some will require a pulley or motor adjustment.  We also inspect the platter bearing to ensure its properly lubricated keeping in mind that some don't require lubrication at all.

We then inspect the power supply and address any issues with overworked capacitors particularly on Linn and later Thorens machines which tend to need attention.

On fully mechanical vintage tables like the Thorens TD124 and Garrard 301/401 we will go thought the entire mechanism, replace any worn parts and lubricate all components necessary to ensure smooth operation, speed change and low mechanical noise.

When fitting a new cartridge we will go through our detailed calibration process which can involve as many as 12 steps depending on the arm design.  We perform this work on our custom turntable calibration rig which was developed in-house.

Some of these steps include:

• Pivot to spindle adjustment

• Tracing force

• Anti-skate

• Tonearm height

• Lifter height


• Azimuth

• Stylus Distance and Overhang

We then do a critical listening test using our test records and our test system to ensure proper sonics.

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