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Article: Our McIntosh System of the Week

Our McIntosh System of the Week

Our McIntosh System of the Week

 McIntosh System of the Week

This weeks' system comes from our own listening room where we routinely test other components, ensuring they don't just measure well on paper - but also SOUND good.  

The McIntosh C1100 two piece tube stereo preamp has tons of inputs and outputs which is most welcome in a constantly changing system.

The turntable is the MT10, which is in our opinion is the best looking table of all time.  

Digital comes from an MCD-500 SACD/CD player with Quad Balanced DAC.  

You will also see an MPC-1500 power conditioner and an MC252 solid state stereo amplifier for convenience. As most of the power comes from the new and truly amazing MC2152 all tube stereo amplifier just recently released.

If you're in our local market and in need of some McIntosh in your life let us know and we’ll take care of you. Our sister company is a McIntosh Authorized dealer. 

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