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Technics SL-P1200 Super Rare Broadcast CD Player, Fully Working!

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Technics Sl-P1200 Super Rare Broadcast Cd Player Fully Working! + Digital

Technics SL-P1200 Super Rare Broadcast CD Player, Fully Working!

SkyFi 479

Pickup currently unavailable

479 South Broad Street
Glen Rock NJ 07452
United States


We just shot a full video walkthrough of this rare piece for our YouTube channel! Please check it out as there are *tons* of special functions we've not seen before that you have to see live:

I personally bought this Technics CD player several years ago from a vintage collector of sorts in New England. He had a massive storage facility that's hard to describe. Think multiple floors filled top to bottom with artifacts, like an episode of American Pickers.

There was an early Edison branded radio that was super big and heavy and full of what looked like original vacuum tubes. Wax cylinders and their related playback machines. Vintage Americana metal and plastic signage, glass, and loads of non-working neon.

And then there was the entire floor with modern electronics of all shapes and sizes (I think there hundreds of pounds of random cables).

This Technics Broadcast CD player was something I'd never seen before, and immediately reminded me of their legendary DJ Famous Technics SL-1200MKx turntables. It also weighs about the same at 32 lbs!

I checked online and immediately found a full writeup on the amazing vintage HiFi site "The Vintage Knob", so I knew it was something extra-special.

Initially, it would power on and power right off. Then, it just stayed off... I made a fair offer and we parted ways.

So it sat for years while we grew SkyFi and focused on other restorations. You can't exactly call up Technics or any old repair shop and ask for parts for something so rare such as this.

Eventually a long-term search paid off! A replacement controller board within the unit we determined to be the issue was finally swapped out for a known good board in excellent condition.

The replacement board also came with a nearly new VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) that appears to have barely been used from the quality of each digit and light colors/output.

After our repair it turned straight on and has worked beautifully in our testing and listening ever since. Each and every single button and function is working as it should.

Doubt there's another one out there that can claim that, in addition to its excellent condition hailing from 1989.

I thought about keeping this for my personal collection... but really someone else should be enjoying this rare piece with their modern or vintage HiFi system. Maybe right next to their SL-1200MKx?!

We have a conservative physical rating system and since this has no major scratches, dings, or any dents, it's nearly 8/10. See our photos.

Even the feet are in amazing condition; and yes those are the same feet as the SL-1200MKx series!

In the end I've rated it a 7/10 mainly for age, and also for the slight crack in the glass on the CD top-loading lid. It's something you really don't see in daily use, and the only thing I can find wrong with it to report here.

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