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ProAc Response D2R Speakers Featuring Ribbon Tweeters - Complete Set

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Proac Response D2R Speakers Featuring Ribbon Tweeters - Complete Set

ProAc Response D2R Speakers Featuring Ribbon Tweeters - Complete Set

SkyFi 479

Pickup currently unavailable

479 South Broad Street
Glen Rock NJ 07452
United States


Here we have the Response D2 series speaker from ProAc, utilizing the new ribbon tweeters (Hence the "R") and capable of outperforming many floor mounted speakers at 1/2 the size. Seriously!

The gorgeous wood finish is perfect except for a rear corner ding as noted in our last photo. Not visible from the front.

Matching serial numbers in their original boxes plus their original manual.

Super clean grills are included.

Tested in our lab and working as new.

MSRP over $4000.

From a recent Stereophile review by Ken Micallef:

"As a reviewer, I try to evaluate components with as much clarity of mind (and word) as possible, giving undue emphasis to neither plusses nor minuses. My time with these speakers was the rare occasion when I found none of the latter. The ProAc D2R demonstrated excellent transparency. Its ribbon tweeter produced an open and extended top end, with nary a grain of grit. When called for by the recording, it delivered rich, characterful midrange sounds and deep, well-defined bass notes. The D2R dependably created a large soundstage, even in my smallish room, with great image specificity. From acoustic jazz and classical to electronica and opera, the ProAc D2R allowed good recordings of great music to fulfill their potential and do what every component should do: let me forget the hardware—and life for that matter—and fall deeply into the music. Very highly recommended."

More from ProAc:
ProAc loudspeakers have a reputation for exceptional sound and build quality. Our enclosures may look conventional but this hides the advanced technology required to build a rigid and well damped cabinet. All our loudspeakers are made in our factory in Brackley in England finished in gorgeous real wood veneer and are now available with a choice of either a dome or ribbon tweeter.

The Response D2 has already been in production for 15 years with the dome tweeter and is now considered to be a much respected model. We now have the option to offer this model with a ribbon tweeter as we do with some of our other models. The ribbon tweeter is the same tweeter used in our floor standing models and offers a refreshing alternative to those seeking a high quality stand mounted design. We are renowned for producing compact high-end speakers evidenced by both the Tablette and Response 1SC loudspeakers which have become iconic over the years.

The Response D2 is a speaker in this fine tradition, designed for the finest, quality music and giving true monitor performance. Sound quality from the Response D2 and the Response D2R is one of extreme transparency; a pure and potent bass response with a detailed high frequency.

Whether you choose the dome or ribbon version of the Response D2 we are sure you will be astounded with the extreme transparency, pure and potent bass and pinpoint imagery that this model delivers.

Please click here for detailed specifics regarding our specialized packing process that separates us from the rest.



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