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ProAc Response 1S - Our Favorite Bookshelf Speakers

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Proac Response 1S - Our Favorite Bookshelf Speakers

ProAc Response 1S - Our Favorite Bookshelf Speakers

SkyFi 479

Pickup currently unavailable

479 South Broad Street
Glen Rock NJ 07452
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New and correct ProAc tweeters just installed, in overall perfect working condition.

Cosmetically like new and just rated an 8 on our conservative ratings scale mostly due to age.

From an excellent (vintage) Stereophile review written by Wes Phillips:

"The Response 1S may look small, but the sound is open and full—it didn't seem to be coming from those tiny boxes. I'm telling you nothing new—small speakers are known for their phenomenal imaging capabilities. What distinguishes the ProAc Response 1S, however, is the apparent physicality of that image. I'm not speaking here of the two-dimensional, photograph-like image we frequently accept as "real" in hi-fi. Rather, I'm referring to the sense that objects (singers, instruments) have bodies—a physical presence greater than just a series of tones.

The first thing you'll notice about the Response 1S is that it's tiny. It barely covers the 6" by 9" top plate of the (necessary) 24"-high Target stands, and seems to be an extension of them—a handsome effect. The cabinets come in a variety of exotic wood veneers—ProAc's fit'n'finish standard is always exceptional. (Richard Gerberg, the importer (footnote 2), stresses that the wood is "responsibly farmed," which appears to mean that it's taken from plantations that replenish the trees, not strip-mined from rainforests.) Speaker connections are made via bi-wired pairs of five-way binding posts. Both the posts and the knurled tightening nuts are solid rhodium. The well-spaced binding posts accept even giganto spade lugs, with (almost) enough room for even my large hands to power down the nuts. Rhodium-plated jumper bars link the binding posts, permitting a single set of cables to drive the speakers. ProAc recommends bi-wiring, however, and I agree.

The 1S is a two-way design with a ¾" cloth-dome tweeter and a woofer with a startlingly clear 5" polypropylene cone (footnote 3) in a ported enclosure. Stewart Tyler has never been terribly forthcoming about technical details, such as crossover points—or even particulars, such as what type of crossover is employed. The spec sheet simply states that this speaker contains the "highest quality components as used on other Response models." Nothing in my audition contradicted this claim.

...If I seem to have spent more time discussing music than describing the ProAc Response 1S, then it's an accurate reflection of the time I spent listening to this very special speaker. Except during the initial break-in period (which took a long time), the ProAc did not draw attention to itself in any way. It was articulate—capable of distinguishing vanishingly small increments of metrical and dynamic variation."

Please see our photos for the original sales brochure, which includes full specifications. 

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