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McIntosh XRT1K Line Array Speakers - 1200W Power Rating, High-Gloss Piano Black

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Mcintosh Xrt1K Line Array Speakers - 1200W Power Rating High-Gloss Piano Black

McIntosh XRT1K Line Array Speakers - 1200W Power Rating, High-Gloss Piano Black

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This is a pair of superb line array speakers from McIntosh, capable of driving a large room with impactful bass and delicate highs. 

Line array speakers are great at throwing the sound long distances without overwhelming the listener closer to the speaker. Great for a large room or a combined listening area such as a family room that spills into the kitchen. 

Because of the cabinet design these can also be placed close to your walls without adverse effects. 

Each speaker consists of Dual 10" woofers, 44, midrange drivers and 28 tweeters!

In very good condition with no significant signs of wear. Every driver has been tested and is working properly. 

These would pair up nicely with our currently listed McIntosh XCS200 center speaker, and/or add this pair of XCS200 speakers to work as rear surrounds for a full McIntosh surround system!

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More from McIntosh:

The loudspeaker engineers at McIntosh are pleased to introduce the XRT1K, the first member of a new family of speakers that benefit from the knowledge garnered in the development of the rave-reviewed XRT2K speaker system.

Newly designed dual 10-inch woofers deliver a more powerful and dynamic bass response than was achievable in prior models. The high-gloss, piano black extruded aluminum enclosure is extra deep to allow top-porting. A new woofer casting permits the XRT1K to have an unusually narrow profile for a loudspeaker with 1,200 watts of power handling and its 8-Ohm impedance is easy on amplifiers.

Two columns of twenty-two 2” black titanium midranges flank a column of twenty-eight 3/4” black titanium tweeters forming a tri-column line design. The new 2” inverted-dome midranges ensure wide dispersion throughout the entire listening area for significant imaging improvement. The new 3/4” tweeter domes are small enough in diameter to maintain wide dispersion extending out to the limits of human hearing, and their incredibly low moving-mass extends response out to 45kHz. Such wide bandwidth portends smoother frequency and phase response within the audio band for non-fatiguing sound... a McIntosh Hallmark.

McIntosh XRT1K Line Array Loudspeaker System - Sales Brochure

McIntosh XRT1K Line Array Loudspeaker System - Owner's Manual

McIntosh Performance Features Include:
• Patented LD/HP Technology
The McIntosh Low Frequency Loudspeaker Elements feature the patented LD/HP Magnetic Circuit Design. This design, when compared to conventional Loudspeaker Elements, reduces distortion significantly. It also increases power handling and efficiency.

• Neodymium-Iron-Boron Alloy Magnets
The 44 two inch Midranges and 28 three-quarter inch Dome Tweeters all use this Alloy. The Neodymium-Iron- Boron Alloy has the highest flux density per unit of volume and helps to keep the Column weight to a minimum.

• Low Harmonic and Intermodulation Distortion
The XRT1K Loudspeaker System is capable of reproducing the full dynamic range of a symphony orchestra with very low audible distortion of any kind.

• Large Long Low Frequency Port
The XRT1K Loudspeaker System utilizes a very large 6 inch diameter port to increase bass output, reduce distortion and improve the overall efficiency of the Loudspeaker.

• High Power Handling
The Loudspeaker Elements and Crossover Components of the XRT1K are all chosen for use with powerful amplifiers up to 1,200 watts.

• Superior Imaging
Locating the Tweeters between the two rows of Midranges generates a symmetrical horizontal polar response for superior imaging.

• Versatile Operation and Placement
In addition to the regular connections, the XRT1K Loud- speaker System provides separate connections for Bi- Amplification and Tri-Amplification hookups, as well as Bi-Wiring and Tri-Wiring.

• Extruded Column
The Column enclosure is extruded thick aluminum construction with non-parallel internal sides and is given a High Gloss Black Piano Type Finish.

• Gold Plated Input Connectors
The XRT1K input connectors are gold plated for superior corrosion resistance and high electrical conductivity.

Techical Specifications
System Driver Complement
• Two 10 inch LD/HP Woofers
• Forty-four 2 inch Titanium Inverted Dome Midranges
• Twenty-eight 3/4 inch Titanium Dome Tweeters

8 ohms Nominal

Frequency Response
16Hz - 45kHz

88dB (2.8V/1m equivalent)

Crossover Frequencies

Power Handling
1,200 Watts Maximum

General Specifications
Finish Enclosures
High Gloss Black

Finish Grille
Black Knit Cloth with High Gloss Black Trim

Overall Dimensions - Each
Height is 79-1/2 inches (201.9cm) including feet
Width is 14-1/2 inches (36.8cm)
Depth is 15-7/8 inches (40.3cm)

Weight - Each
168 pounds (76.2 kg) net
241 pounds (109.3kg) in shipping carton 



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Physical Condition

8 / 10

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