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EAD (Enlightened Audio Designs) DSP-7000 Series III DAC

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Ead (Enlightened Audio Designs) Dsp-7000 Series Iii Dac Cd + Digital

EAD (Enlightened Audio Designs) DSP-7000 Series III DAC

SkyFi 479

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479 South Broad Street
Glen Rock NJ 07452
United States


High-quality vintage DAC for playing redbook CD's. Looking and working like new.

Has the HDCD upgrade featured in the Series 3 model.

Also has XLR balanced outputs which was pretty rare for the year this DAC was released.

Lots of inputs and superb condition overall.

The DSP-7000 Series III incorporates advanced digital and analog design features, providing a new standard of sonic performance in digital and audio playback:

Digital Flywheel reclocking cicuitry is a state-of-the-art, proprietary, dual time constant phase locked loop, utilizing a precision voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO). The electronic equivalent of a massive rotating flywheel, Digital Flywheel smooths out instantaneous time-base fluctuations (i.e., jitter), achieving a ten-fold jitter reduction from EAD's already advanced Series II reclocking cicuitry. This unrivaled jitter performance is especially cruncil in achieving the ultimate musical resolution and sound-stage focus possible through the HDCD process.

EAD's proprietary AccuLinear design provides superior analog reconstruction of the musical waveform. This advanced technology incorporates discrete components within a single chip wafer to provide greater speed and accuracy than either discrete or conventional integrated designs can provide. This results in reduced transient distortion in the critical current-to-voltage stage -- effectively eliminating the principal source of harshness, glare and stridency commonly associated with CD sound.

Hand-matched, select-grade, dual-differential Burr Brown 20-bit DACs provide exceptional low-level linearity and dynamic range, with a guaranteed THD and noise level below -96dB.

ST-glass fiber-optic input provides an exceptionally high-quaity digital data link that is essentially immune to environmental AC electronic noise and resulting jitter.
Extensive error reporting. Front panel LEDs separately warn of signal degradation caused by uncorrected disk-read errors (i.e., transport errors) or inadequate performance of the coaxial and/or optical digital interconnects.

Upgradable design. All key components are socketed for easy replacement as advancements in digital technology allow.

Absolute phase switch. Phase inversion is accomplished in the digital domain, with no added analog circuitry to degrade the musical signal.

DC-coupled output eliminates capacitors in the signal path, prevents low-frequency roll-off and phase shift, and ensures extended, deep bass into any load.

Massive, custom toroidal power transformer features low mechanical noise and radiated hum field.

Thirteen separate power supplies, including multi-stage regulation for the critical analog stages.

Sophisticated grounding and isolation of the digital and analog stages eliminates potentially harmful ultrasonic and RF noise.

High-quality custom, gold-plated RCA connectors used for both analog and digital inputs and outputs.

Balanced outputs with switchable gain available as an option.

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