Well Tempered Classic Turntable with New Sumiko Songbird Cartridge


Freshly rebuilt classic turntable featuring one of our favorite tonearms. 

Mated with a brand new high quality Sumiko Songbird MC (Moving-Coil) cartridge ($899), matching the performance of the 'table. 

Overall in very good condition with no significant scratches or signs of wear. 

A table of this quality would easily cost about $5k these days.

The WTA (Well Tempered Arm) is a unique and outstanding system comprise of a simple tonearm assembly suspended from light weight acrylic monofilament, and dampened by a cup of very thick silicone fluid.  This clever and well performing system is a tweakers paradise, as many adjustments can be performed while the record is actually playing.  

If you'd like no cartridge installed or a new different cartridge from Sumiko or ClearAudio, just click here and then let us know your preference.

Or if you already have a favorite cartridge you’re welcome to send it in and we’ll mount and professionally calibrate it on the table for you.

And if you're unfamiliar with the setup of a turntable we are happy to help on the phone or via FaceTime during your initial unboxing.  We’ve done this a bunch of times with great success.

For shipment, this turntable will be professionally packed and disassembled. You will receive small containers for both the bearing and arm fluids.

Includes: the 'table, tonearm, new phono cartridge, the motor, puck and new hanging strings and fresh dampening oil shipped in a small bottle.

Click here for a PDF copy of the Well Tempered Classic Setup Manual

Click here for a PDF copy of the Well Tempered Classic Visual Protractor Configuration (Protractor pictured in the PDF is for an example only and is NOT to proper scale)

Please click here for detailed specifics regarding our specialized packing process that separates us from the rest.



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