Unique, (Super) Rare, and Beautiful Jadis System - SkyFi Curated Systems Exclusive


We are pleased to present a rare opportunity to own one of the finest and most exclusive HiFi systems ever made.

All Jadis products are still handcrafted in France, while the metalwork is done in Germany.

This stunning ultra-rare system is comprised of the following pieces:

1) JA800 - Six Chassis Tube Monoblock Amplifiers (!!!!!!)
2) JP200S - Four Chassis Tube Preamplifier
3) JS1 MKII - Dual Chassis Tube Reference DAC
4) JD1 Drive - "Futuristic" CD Transport
4) JF2 - Dual Chassis Tube Crossover Network
6) Eurythmie "ULTRA COOL & EXOTIC" Horn Speakers

We encourage you to search online using the above model #'s to learn more as there's simply too much info to write here. And of course you can contact us directly to discuss further by clicking here. 

From the Jadis website:
"The JADIS Company is the fruit of the profound passion of André Calmettes, who has devoted his spare time to researching the most precise musical reproduction in order to get back the emotion felt during a concert. With passion, he has created prototypes which make a great impression in the audiophile circle, and it was unanimously considered superior quality as compared to the best amplifiers at that time.

Encouraged by this success, he decided in 1983 to rationalise his production and participate to the fundation of the JADIS Company. In the beginning, the amplifier was manufactured unit by unit, from the original plans, but quickly Mr Calmettes turned out his own technicians, who were able to produce electronics in accordance with his philosophy."

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