T+A HiFi - Solitaire CWT 1000-40 Anniversary Edition - Flagship Speaker in Carbon Fiber


The CWT 1000's sit the top of the range from fantastic German maker T+A.

Hybrid speaker design utilizing arguably the best technology in each frequency range, combining powered based drivers, line array mids, and electrostatic highs.

These are the best looking speakers to come into our shop reminiscent of a supercar, utilizing vast amounts of billet aluminum and carbon fiber throughout.

Speakers are brand new with all of their original packing materials plus their very well built shipping crates, ensuring safe delivery worldwide.

Shipping within the US is a flat $700. Please contact us for worldwide shipping.

We carry the full line of T+A electronics as an authorized dealer, so please inquire if you'd like a full system designed around these masterpieces. Both the A 3000 HV and the M 40 HV amplifiers would do justice.

Click here for a PDF copy of the Sales Brochure for the T+A Solitaire CWT 1000-40 Anniversary Edition Speakers

Click here for a PDF copy of the Owner's Manual for the T+A Solitaire CWT 1000-40 Anniversary Edition Speakers in German and English

Technical Highlights:
Music power handling
450 Watts

Frequency range
26 – 40000 Hz

High frequency driver

176 lbs.
80 kg

"The Solitaire speakers are designed for medium to large listening rooms and they also include technologies and design features like the unique T+A Electrostatic driver which are offered by no other manufacturer. We have developed these speakers very deliberately for extremely demanding audiophile music enthusiasts.

These customers certainly expect impeccable tonal balance, but they also make much more difficult demands, such as fine dynamics, high resolution, analytical ability and perfect transient response characteristics at a very wide range of levels. In our endeavour to create the perfect loudspeaker we placed absolutely no restrictions on our developers – neither in terms of price nor the size or design of the cabinet.

An important aim in our development process was to create transducers which minimise the adverse influences of normal living rooms on the overall sound. We intentionally designed our Solitaire speakers to be of relatively large volume; not because we want to produce as loud a sound as possible in really large rooms, but because we wish to achieve the best possible, uncoloured reproduction of all kinds of music in the listening zone between the loudspeakers, and over the full frequency range – from really high to really low."

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