Sumiko Blackbird High-Output MC (Moving-Coil) Cartridge - Brand New


Part of the new Reference Series just released by Sumiko.  Made in Japan. Free shipping.

More details from Sumiko:

"The SUMIKO Blackbird has long been regarded as providing the most performance per dollar you can find in the industry. With the level of performance and clarity of many cartridges twice its price, the Blackbird was designed for exceedingly low noise levels, exceptionally wide dynamic range, and the highest possible fidelity in its price class. The Blackbird has already become a veritable analog classic and is sure to delight many more discerning ears for years to come."

From a great review by Michael Fremer via Analog Planet:

"With stereo recordings, the Blackbird threw a big, wide-open, very transparent soundstage, revealing plenty of low-level detail. What separates it from the far more expensive cartridges, and perhaps some similarly priced ones that have different balances of strengths and weaknesses? Spend more money (and then more for a phono preamp) and you can get more supple mids and highs, more delicacy and palpability. I've heard some cartridges at or near the Blackbird's price that can give you a richer midrange, but they can't compete with the Blackbird's bass extension and focus, or with its shimmering, well-balanced top end and clean—but not at all brittle—transients. It gave no hint of brightness or edge. While the Blackbird might look like a Blue Point Special, and as good as that cartridge is for its price, the Blackbird is in a different league."

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Cartridge Type:
Moving Coil (high output)

Stylus Type:
low-mass Elliptical

long-grain boron

Dynamic Compliance:
12x10-6 cm/dyn

Frequency Response:
10Hz - 50khz

Output Voltage/Channel:

Internal Impedance:

Channel Separation:
35dB @ 1kHz

Channel Balance:
0.5dB @ 1kHz

Tracking Force Range:
1.8g - 2.2g

Cartridge Weight:

Mounting System:
standard 0.5” hole spacing

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