Sota Phono Head Amplifier, Moving Coil Preamp, John Curl Design!


This is the Super Rare SOTA HEAD AMPLIFIER, for use with low-output moving coil phono cartridges.

This pre-preamplifier was designed for SOTA by the legendary audio engineer John Curl.

In order to avoid potential hum problems associated with AC power supplies, the SOTA Head Amplifier is powered by two (2) standard "D" cell batteries. The batteries are easily installed by simply removing the two screws from the front panel, while supporting the back panel with your other hand. The back panel, with the internal circuit board attached, then simply slides out the back of the cylinder. The SOTA Head Amplifier weighs approximately 2.5 pounds without the batteries, and 3 pounds with the batteries installed.

The back panel has gold-plated input and output jacks, plus a center grounding post. It can be adjusted for 5-ohm, 30-ohm, or 100-ohm cartridge loading, using the upper toggle switch, and can be set for either high or low gain, with another toggle switch near the bottom of the panel.

The unit is turned on and off by a push-button on the front, with a green center "flag" that is visible when the unit is in the "ON" position.

This pre has been fully tested and is working super well. The signal is amplified without any measurable distortion or noise on our bench equipment or listening area. 

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