Sony TA-E86B and TA-N86B Preamp/Amplifier Combo


This is a rare and collectible set from my personal collection.

Super unique in design, especially the preamp.

Full dual mono design featuring discrete signal paths for the left and right channels. If you were to use a bandsaw and cut this unit in two, you would end up with two mono preamps (not completely true but close enough to make a point).

The signal flows from right to left and all connectors are on the sides of the unit. The volume and input selector shafts extend through both channels making it possible to have a single knob for operation.

It also has a super convenient phono cartridge loading selector knob on the front, whereas most preamps would have this buried inside.

The amplifier is a perfect match and unique in its own way as it features a selector switch for class A or class B operation. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before but it's brilliant.

It is heavy and built like a tank. Parts quality is amazing from the brushed metal face plate to the internal component selection.

If you like tape decks there is a matching model from the same series.

Condition is superb, with no real noticeable scratches or dents, just a tiny nick near one fo the rack ears.

Operation is spot on and has been fully tested in our lab.

This is wonderful piece of audio history from Sony, truly rare and special and would make a great part of your collection.

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