Rogers Monitor 2 Vintage Speakers in Original Boxes, Survivor Pair!

$2,099 $2,499

The Monitor 2 is a fairly rare speaker on its own, and on top of that you're not likely to find a set in this survivor condition.

The wood finish is simply gorgeous with no significant signs of use or fading. The patina is very rich and deep, and the grain is striking.

Functionally they are also perfect. All drivers are clean and show no wear or abuse. The grills are also intact, no small feat.

Best of all these will ship in their original packaging, which we have *never* seen before in all of our vintage Rogers speakers.

In the lab these speakers exhibited no surprises when we put a frequency sweep through them at significant volume.

In the listening room they provided a full, rich, and very warm sound typical of thin wall British speakers.

No listener fatigue with these babies. 

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Original Box

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Available Separately

Physical Condition

8 / 10

Working Condition

10 / 10

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