Revox B-795 Turntable with Tangential arm and Linn Cartridge


Very interesting Swiss made table with tangential arm. 

Easy low cost entry point into tangential tables which many believe is the only way to go. 

This table is fitted with an awesome Linn Asaka cartridge in very good shape.  

There are several push button controls that allow you to lift the arm and position in on the next track without touching anything else.  If you’ve ever ruined a cartridge you’ll understand why this is such a handy feature.  

The table will also auto stop and lift at the end of the record.  This is helpful if you often play records in the background like I do and get distracted.  It will also reduce wear on the cartridge and record.  

Cosmetically the table is in fine shape, although the paint used in Revox equipment from this era tends to degrade a bit over time.  Looks good, but not great. 

It does in fact work perfectly.  Speed of the platter locks on right away and the arm moves precisely and responsively.

This package is a tremendous deal considering what else you could get for the money.  Yes, you could get simple Pro-ject or Rega table with a very basic cartridge, but it would not have the performance or features of this table. Never mind the cool factor.  

Revox is an amazing company with quite the history in professional and consumer audio equipment. 

Here is a chance to own a small piece of history. 

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