Quad II Tube Monoblock Amplifier Pair


Quad II Monoblock Amplifiers, Modernized and Gorgeous, 15W of Glory!

These classic Quad monoblocks are highly sought after and a treat among collectors. They underwent a cosmetic restoration and all connectors were modernized. While I’m a big fan of classic tube design and performance, I have always been put off by the crappy connectors and superfluous outdated features of many classics.

The strange speaker connectors were replaced with super high quality power strips capable of accepting just about any wire in both banana and spade. The typical oxidized and weak RCA connectors were replaced with very high quality gold plated type. The 2 prong power cord was replaced with a safer grounded 3 prong IEC socket so you can use any power cord you like. The no longer used multi pin connector for powering a proprietary Quad preamp was safely removed. All these wiring improvements simplified the internal wiring and improved the overall look of the piece. Custom aluminum plates were manufactured to close up any remaining holes in the chassis.

Both units also received a complete re-spray using a very attractive paint which is period correct in color and texture. The chassis was completely stripped down, sand blasted, and sprayed in a paint booth with multiple coats of primer and finish color.

We also added a power switch (what a novelty :-) ) so you can conveniently power the units on/off without having to pull the power cords.

Functionally the units were gone through carefully and tested to the full rating for both power and THD and passed with flying colors after some of the filter caps were replaced and upgraded.

Tubes are Sylvania in the input stage and UK made Mullard or equivalent for the KT66. Very desirable!!

Stereophile calls these amps “a small wonder” and have highly revered them on many occasions.

Here is your chance to own a beautiful and updated classic.

From Stereophile:

“Class-A, push-pull Quad II amp used six capacitors, 13 resistors, one choke, two transformers, and five vacuum tubes to convert a line-level monophonic audio signal into 15W of output power, with virtually flat frequency response between 10Hz and 20kHz and no more than 0.1 % of harmonic distortion. The tubes were carefully chosen—a pair of EF86 miniature pentodes for voltage gain and phase splitting (in a single stage), a pair of KT66 "kinkless tetrodes" for output power, and a GZ32 full-wave rectifier—and the output transformer was designed and made with painstaking care.”

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