McIntosh MT10 Flagship Precision Turntable - Pre-Owned - In Store Only!

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We received this 'table as a trade-in from a client that upgraded to one of our SkyFi custom vintage 301 builds with dual tonearms.

This McIntosh MT10 Flagship Turntable looks and operates like new, and will come to you complete with everything that was originally in the box. Plus the box!

More from McIntosh:
With tracking force, anti-skate and cartridge position preset at the factory, the McIntosh MT10 Precision Turntable delivers high performance LP playback with minimal set up. A custom tonearm features a rigid, dural-aluminum arm-tube gimbaled in two sapphire (horizontal) and two ceramic (vertical) bearings for the least possible friction. A .5mV moving coil cartridge is included, and features an ebony body with an elliptical stylus. Enjoy a new level of music with the MT10 turntable.

Performance Features Include:
• Advanced Technology Turntable
The MT10 combines the latest technology in Phono Cartridges, Tone Arms, Mechanical Suspensions and Record Platter Rotation for superb performance and accurate operation.

• Moving Coil Cartridge
The McIntosh MCC10 Moving Coil Cartridge has a hand polished ebony wood-tone body and is slightly rounded, leading to a resonance free construction. High impedance, together with high output voltage, ensures noise free musical reproduction. The ruler-flat frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz provides solid realistic bass, uncolored midrange and natural high frequencies.

• Tone Arm
The MT10 Tone Arm is made from Dural-Aluminum with special damping material. The Tone Arm is both light in weight and highly rigid. The noise free Vertical Bearings are made from two high precision ceramic surfaces with damping fluid. The Horizontal Bearing is a gimballed sapphire design.

• Turntable Platter
The over twelve pound, two and one-half inch thick platter is made from a special silicone acrylic material. This helps to resist external vibrations from reaching the record during playback and its large mass provides the perfect flywheel action for stable playback speed.

• Precision Motor and Drive Electronics
The Swiss made DC Brushless Motor is controlled by a highly refined servo control system. As the Turn- table Platter rotates, an optical sensor “reads” the 1595 micro stripes on a disk affixed to the bottom of the platter. This provides precise feedback information to the servo control system thus assuring very accurate speed rotation.

• Illuminated Speed Meter
The Illuminated Speed Meter on the MT10 indicates the true rotation speed of the turntable platter.

• Magnetic Air Dampened Bearing
The MT10 Turntable Platter rotates on a special bear- ing using magnetic suspension together with a cushion of air to provide vibration free rotation.

• Multi-Layered Dampened Chassis
The MT10 Turntable Chassis is composed from a Stainless Steel base plate, a thick Aluminum plate, an Acrylic plate and together with internal dampening material all help to assure the only sound heard is from the record groove itself.

• Power Control
The Power Control Input connection provides convenient Turn-On/Off of the MT10 Front Panel Illumination when connected to a McIntosh System with Power Control.

McIntosh MT10 Precision Turntable - Owner's Manual

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MT10 Turntable Specifications
Playback Speeds
33 1/3 rpm
45 rpm
78 rpm

Motor Type
DC Brushless

MCC10 Phono Cartridge Specifications
Output Level
0.5 mV at 5 cm/s

Load Impedance
400 ohms recommended

Frequency Response
20Hz to 50,000Hz

Channel Separation
Greater than 30dB at 1kHz

6 x 10-6 cm/dyne

Recommended Tracking Force
2.4 g

Channel Difference
Less than 0.3 dB

Total Mass
11 g

Elliptical Diamond

Cantilever Material

Coil Assembly
Symmetric design

General Specifications
Overall Dimensions
Width is 17-1/2 inches (44.45cm)
Height is 8-13/16 inches (22.38cm)
Depth is 21 inches (53.34cm)
Note: Tone Arm Height will vary depending on the type of Cartridge installed.

42 pounds (19.0Kg) net
63 pounds (28.6Kg) in shipping carton

Shipping Carton Dimensions
Width is 24 inches (61cm)
Depth is 27 inches (68.6cm)
Height is 25 inches (63.5cm)

**Please note that this item is not available for shipment or courier, nor will we discuss pricing over the phone or email/text. Please click here to email us to make an appointment.



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