McIntosh MAC1700 Vintage Tube/Transistor Stereo Receiver


McIntosh MAC1700 Vintage Tube/Transistor Stereo Receiver from the 70's in outstanding condition.  

This is a hybrid model comprised of a solid state amplifier and tube tuner section. 

It's finished in a gorgeous champagne colored front panel with aluminum knobs and glass. 

Condition is outstanding for a receiver this age.  There are no visible scratches or signs of wear.  The back lighting is bright and legible and the bulbs were just replaced for trouble free operation. 

The tuner pulls in stations strongly and has a great warm sonic character.  

Unit has been thoroughly checked in our lab and passed with flying colors.  

Functions include: dual phono inputs, individual left and right tone controls for bass and treble, and convenience outlets for powering other devices. 


ELECTRICAL: Stereo. Hybrid (Solid state preamp and power amp, tube tuner). 40w/ch into 4 or 8 ohms. Response 20-20kHz (+0.5 -0.5dB). Distortion .25%. Noise and hum: power amp -90dB, aux -75dB, phono -76dB below 10 mV. Damping factor 100. Input impedance: aux 250k, phono 47k, tape head 500k. Input sensitivity: aux 0.3V, phono 2.4mV, tape head 2.4mV. Tone controls: bass and treble. +18 to -18dB. Filter: 60Hz at 12dB/octave and 5kHz at 12dB/octave.

FM SECTION: Sensitivity 2.5uV, S/N 65dB, Distortion 0.8% in stereo, Response 20-20kHz, Capture ratio 2.0dB. Image rejection 60dB, Stereo separation 30dB.

FRONT PANEL: Black and silver. Input selector: aux, tape, fm auto, phono 1, phono 2, tape hd. Balance. Slide switches: mode: stereo or mono, filter: out or in, tape mon: out or in, muting: out or in, loud: out or in, speaker: on or off. Headphone jack. Dual concentric bass and treble controls. Volume with power switch. Tuning knob. Tuning meter. Illuminated tuning dial. Indicator lights: fm mpx, aux, tape, fm, ph 1, ph 2, th, tape mon.

BACK PANEL: Barrier strip speaker terminals, Screw terminals: 300 ohm and 75 ohm antenna. Ground terminal. Inputs: tape mon, aux, ph 1, ph 2, tape hd. Tape out 1. Muting control. AC outlets: 2 switched, 1 unswitched. fuse.

TUBES: 2-6DS4, 2-6HS6, 6AU6A, 6CS6, 6EA8, 12AU7.

Size: 5-1/2"H, 16"W and 14-1/2"D. Weight 34 lb. Sold from 1967-1973. Last retail price $599.00.



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