Luxman MQ-3600 Tube Amplifier with Original Tubes


The MQ-3600 is a 50W stereo tube amplifier made by the renowned Japanese audio company Luxman.

It was hand made in Japan from the highest quality materials of the time and benefits greatly from the quality of the transformers in particular, which contributes to the lush warm dynamic sound quality.

Luxman tube amps from this era are a rare find in the US. Most were sold overseas and kept in the Asian market. You can buy them from Japanese websites, but it will cost you an arm and a leg and may not be the correct voltage.

This is a 110V US version that has been well cared for and babied. It was part of a large collection that we just purchased from a local collector which included dozens of amplifiers, so you can imagine how little use it got.

The MQ-3600 was designed to run on proprietary Luxman 8045G tubes. This example is loaded with just that and the tubes are in great shape and test strong. I suspect there are many years left in them.

If you find another MQ3600 out there it likely has been converted to work on common 6550 or KT88 tubes. There is a simple conversion available in case someday you don’t want to have to buy the much more expensive 8045G tubes. They are out there so if your pocketbook allows you can keep this original over time which is my suggestion.

Overall physical condition is very good but there are a few scratches or scuffs throughout but nothing very noticeable. The grill cover is in rare good shape as most are bent and rusted over time.

On the back you will find gold plated binding posts and RCA jacks. You will also find variable input adjustments for the audio signal. There are also speaker taps for 4, 8 and 16 ohms.

You will notice that the design of this amplifier flows from right to left. On the right you will find the input transformer and choke coils followed by the input tubes, output tubes, and output transformers feeding directly into speaker terminals.

The amplifier is in perfect working condition and the tubes test strong and clean. We ran the unit on our workbench to its full rated power and it measured clean.

It was also tested in our listening room for some time to ensure that what the test equipment reported translated to good quality audio.

This is a rare and beautiful unit (especially with the original output tubes) and is priced accordingly. No lowball offers please.

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