Krell KSA-100 mk2 Class A Solid State Amplifier


This 100W Class A beast is capable of producing enough current to power just about anything. Driving your complicated speaker load should be a breeze.

Condition is very good with only one noticeable scratch on the top back right. There are no dings or corrosion of any kind.

It clearly has been well cared for over the years and came to us from a collection that had hundreds of pieces - but they didn’t see much, if any use during all that time.

Inspection and testing yielded great results. We ran this monster at its full rated power for quite a bit of time to ensure that it will perform to specification and reliably. The heatsinks dissipated heat without issue, and the signal output was clean all the way throughout.

In the listening room it powered our difficult to drive Apogee speakers without breaking a sweat.

The amplifier is finished in a very unique brushed metal finish with gold screws and name plate.

Out of all the different looks produced by Krell over the years - this is by far our favorite.

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