Garrard 301 Vintage Turntable with Gray Research 108 Tonearm, Gorgeous


The Garrard 301 is one of the most sought after vintage tables, and this example is one of the most original pieces we've come across. 

We were tempted to turn this piece into a restomod like we often do (see our Thorens and Garrard modern restorations), but this piece is so original and interesting that we decided a purist collector would appreciate it just the way it is. 

It features a Gray Research 108 tonearm with a vintage cartridge.  The platter system operates as it should and is able to spin the records according to spec.  The custom but vintage plinth will look gorgeous in just about any living room, and is likely to receive a thumbs up from a fussy wife.  

Includes everything you see in our photos.

If you prefer we can fit one of the following cartridge options - which also includes calibration at no additional charge (about a 2hr detailed process of perfectly setting and calibrating many parameters to ensure highest performance).

Just make a selection and send us an email via, and we will professionally mount and calibrate it for out of the box operation. 

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