Garrard 301 Turntable with SME Tonearm and Grado Cartridge


As you probably know the 301 is considered one of the top 5 most important turntables of all time.

Its legendary performance, reliability, and serviceability have kept it at the top of the list for decades.

This special one-of-a-kind package was selected and assembled to pay tribute to this wonderful piece of history.

The gorgeous custom plinth is veneered in real rosewood and is made of a half dozen high density MDF boards perfectly machined to accept the 301, while maintaining as much mass as possible. This is not a hollow box like most plinths, but rather a solid multi layered block. It was CNC milled to precisely locate the position of the tonearm.

On the back you will notice an IEC socket that will allow you to use any quality power cord you like. Gone is the hardwired 12 cent lamp cord used originally.

There is also a super high quality “The Mod Squad” terminal box with gold plated connectors and grounding point allowing you to use any high quality and length RCA connector.

The unit was fully serviced with all parts cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted for perfect operation. The idle wheel was resurfaced on the lathe and the motor bearings checked. These units are incredible workhorses and will work for decades if properly serviced.

I have installed a brand new Grado Gold cartridge which many feel is a good match for this table without breaking the bank. It has been installed and calibrated using an hour-long process, while also utilizing an assembly of the best calibration tools in the industry. I have lots of new cartridge options available from Sumiko, Clearaudio, and Grado, so please drop a note if you’d like to have something else priced and installed.

The tonearm is an SME 3009 Series 2 Improved Model which is a super reliable, precise and adjustable unit and a perfect period correct match to this wonderful table. It is perfect in both cosmetics and functionality. It has been raised using an SME filler plate to get the height to match perfectly with the 301.

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