Garrard 301 Custom Vintage Turntable with Pro-Ject Carbon Fiber Arm and Sumiko Cartridge


This is a one-of-a-kind modernized Garrard 301 turntable, combining the best of vintage and modern, while delivering outstanding performance and looks.The plinth is multi-layer (sandwich) birch which has been routed and filled with sand for extra weight and improved dampening.  The top is made from 1/4" black acrylic routed to perfection which provides a super flat and high gloss surface for the tonearm.  On the back we have custom fitted an IEC power socket input so you can chose your favorite power cable for this rig.  

The 301 has been serviced and brought up to current specifications, including full lubrication and replacement of any worn components.  From the look and quality of the paint finish, it doesn't look like it was used very much in the last 50 years.  There are no significant scratches or wear marks on the surface.

The tonearm is a carbon fiber Pro-Ject 9cc arm which looks the part and performs admirably.  We have many other arms to chose from, just drop us a note via the email noted below for more options.

The included cartridge is a brand new Sumiko Moonstone unit just released into the market (and getting rave reviews), which sells standalone for $300

If you prefer we can fit one of the following cartridge options - which also includes calibration at no additional charge (about a 2hr detailed process of perfectly setting and calibrating many parameters to ensure highest performance).

Just make a selection and send us an email via, and we will professionally mount and calibrate it for out of the box operation. 

Miyajima Labs Madake Snakewood L/E: $7500

Miyajima Labs Madake Stereo Cartridge: $5895

Miyajima Labs Saboten L Stereo Cartridge: $4875

Miyajima Labs Kansui Stereo Cartridge: $3600

Miyajima Labs Shilabe Stereo Cartridge: $2995

Miyajima Labs Saboten Stereo Cartridge: $2475

Miyajima Labs Zero 78 Mono Cartridge: $2250

Miyajima Labs Zero Mono Cartridge: $2150

Miyajima Labs Takumi Stereo cartridge: $1895

Miyajima Labs Premium Mono BEII Cartridge: $1450

Miyajima Labs Spirit Mono: $995

Miyajima Labs Kotetu Mono: $585


Sumiko Starling $1899

Sumiko Blackbird MC: $1249

Sumiko Songbird $899

ClearAudio Virtuoso V2 Ebony: $899

Sumiko Amethyst $599

Sumiko BluePoint special Evo 3: $540

Sumiko BluePoint #2: $449

Sumiko Moonstone $299

Sumiko Olympia $199

Sumiko Rainier $149



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Working Condition


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