Fisher SA-1000 Tube Amplifier

The Fisher SA1000 legendary tube amplifier is right up there on the “Holy Grail” list of HiFi pieces that every audiophile must own at some point.

This list contains items like the Quad ESL57, Rogers LS3/5A, Audio Research D79 amp, McIntosh MR78 Tuner, etc.

This unit has been fully serviced and upgraded for safety and reliability.

Changes include:
  1. Replacement and upgrading of all capacitors in the signal path
  2. Testing of all tubes
  3. Lubrication of all pots
  4. Bias of tubes
  5. Installation of a power-on delay board for a softer power-on start. This helps extend the life of all components. 
  6. Testing and replacement of all resistors that measured out of spec or showed signs of aging. 
  7. Replacement of diode rectifiers in the power supply for reliability and performance
  8. installation of a MegaSurge InRush Current Limiter for softer and safer starting.

Many of these changes are meant to increase the longevity of the amplifier and make sure your investment is well protected.

Physical condition is good for the age but far from perfect.

The good:

  1. Faceplate is super clean and free from dents or scratches
  2. Writing is very clean 
  3. Tube case is intact and free from dents 
  4. All knobs are present and original
  5. The door functions and is solid

The not so good:

  1. The brown paint on the side of the chassis is flaking off a bit
  2. The transformer tops have a few scratches
  3. The tube case could benefit from a re-spray

I chose not to re-spray this unit mostly because it’s a collectors item and I’m unsure of how it will affect its value.

If you’d like to purchase it restored let me know and I will provide a quote. If it was mine to keep I would certainly repaint it as I like things neat and tidy.

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