Dynaco PAS-4 Tube Preamp and Stereo 400 Solid State Amplifier


Gorgeous almost vintage combo tube and solid state amplifier from Dynaco.

Incredible construction and attention to detail make these a match made in heaven - that’s why we are listing them together. I’m a big fan of using tubes for the preamp and solid state for the amplifier to get just the right touch of warmth into a well performing speaker.

The preamp features a handy external processor loop and a nice phono section to get the most out of your turntable. The sleek glossy and matte black finish on the faceplates are truly striking and a fresh departure from the typical black or silver.

Inside you’ll find high quality components including sealed pots and film capacitors in the signal path that will last forever. The layout and attention to detail really stands out.

The units are in perfect working condition and the tubes test strong and clean. We ran the amp on our workbench to its full rated power and it measured clean. It was also tested in our listening room for some time to ensure that all the fine details the test equipment reported translated to good quality audio.

The faceplates are super clean and scratch free as you can see from the pictures. The tops have a few scuffs but nothing worth noting.

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