Complete Vintage Linn Active System with Furniture - Turn-Key and Amazing!


Over the years we've noticed that many clients who want to put together a vintage HiFi system don't want to A) Spend the time sorting through tons of audio reviews B) Search through the various internet sites required in order to gather all the components just to find out they don't work well together.

Some of those clients hire us through our industries first Stereo Concierge process, and end up with a highly customized dream system.

From time to time we happen to assemble a dream system out of components that arrive over a period of time.

That's what we're offering today - a British dream system from the 1990's, utilizing the best pieces available at the time in a coherent and great looking system. Yes, to us, how a system looks is just as important as how it sounds.

We started with a pair of LInn Keltik speakers. Don't be fooled by their simple looks, these speakers are a tour-de-force! Utilizing dual isobaric woofers and external crossovers, allowing them to be powered by no less than FOUR Linn Klout "Linn's Best Amplifier Ever" amplifiers with internal DSP crossover cards built specifically for these speakers. Two amplifiers cover each pair of woofers, the remaining are dedicated as one for the mids, and one for the highs.

For a preamp we chose the Linn Wakonda since it has a phono section for hooking a turntable (a must for this system). Digital duties are performed by a Linn Karik CD player. We've also included a rare Linn Pekin FM tuner to complete the set.

Turntables are a very personal thing, so be sure to contract us to go over a few options from custom or off the shelf.

The twin four shelf audio furniture racks are made by Quadrasphere, and are a perfect match to the speakers and electronics. 

All the cables are custom made Linn units that are perfectly suited for this system.

Remotes are included for the Wakanda Preamp, and the Karik CD Player.

Everything works just like it should, and this full setup was thoroughly tested as a system in our lab and listening room.

Flat rate shipping anywhere within the lower 48 US States is $900. If you're outside of this area please inquire for a quote, and we also ship worldwide all the time.



Original Box

Not Included


Yes and Online


Yes for Preamp and CD Player Only


Custom Cables + Power Cables

Physical Condition

8 / 10

Working Condition

10 / 10

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