Balanced Audio Technology (BAT)VK-40 Solid State Preamp with Optional Phono Card and Remote


the VK-40 is equipped with the optional VK-P20 phono card ($500). The phono gain is factory-set at 58dB, which can be changed to 44dB with a switch on the phono board. (You have to remove the top cover to do this.) The included remote is $500 option.

Includes preamp, power cord, remote and printed manual. 

Note you must have an amplifier with balanced inputs to use this unit witch most of you will if your shopping for a preamp in this price range and quality.  It will take 2 single ended RCA inputs  (one utilized by the phono) so you dont have to worry about the source connections.  

There are a few light scratches on the cover but the faceplate is clean and the display is super legible and bright.  

Incredible build quality and performance for this price range.  Be sure to read the great Stereophile Review available. 



Description: Solid-state preamplifier with optional phono stage. Inputs: 3 balanced (XLR), 2 unbalanced (RCA). Main outputs: 2 XLR. Tape output: 1 RCA. Maximum voltage gain: 20dB. Frequency response: 2Hz-150kHz, -3dB. Crosstalk: -80dB at 10kHz. Input impedance: 100k ohms. Output impedance: 200 ohms. Minimum amplifier input impedance: 10k ohms, 3k ohms with optional Six-Pack. S/N Ratio: 96dB unweighted. Distortion at 2V RMS output: 0.01%. Maximum output: 20V RMS. Optional VK-P20 phono module: Voltage gain: 58dB or 44dB, selectable.
Dimensions: 19" W by 5.75" H by 15.5" D. Weight: 33 lbs.
Serial numbers of units reviewed: 040800071, 040800072.
Price: $4000; optional remote control, $500; optional Six-Pack capacitors, $500; VK-P20 phono module, $500. Approximate number of dealers: 55.
Manufacturer: Balanced Audio Technology, 800 First State Blvd., Wilmington, DE 19804. Tel: (302) 999-8855. Fax: (302) 999-8818. Web:

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