Audio Research D-115 Tube Amplifier, Silver or Black Faceplate Choice


Here is your chance to own a classic tube amplifier at a reasonable price.

The D-115 delivers 100W using eight KT77 tubes (it actually measured closer to 115W before clipping), while maintaining the traditional warm and precise Audio Research signature sound.

This is a well-built American made unit, not a recent Chinese attempt at HiFi, weighing in at 68 lbs. It is made from the highest quality components available at the time and was hand assembled with care and attention in their Minneapolis factory.

Condition is superb for an amplifier of this age. The paint is very clear with no noticeable scratches or dents. The faceplates are also very clean, especially the black one. There is no rust of signs of exposure to moisture anywhere.

The unit was bench tested carefully and it passed with flying colors. All tubes were tested and all capacitors were inspected and tested for leakage. It was driven to its full power rating while monitoring distortion without hiccups. It then was moved to our listening room where it powered our vintage B&W Matrix 801’s with authority and precision and made a really nice and pleasant combination.

This classic tube amp is available in the color of your choice. I have the original lower quality silver faceplate which is period correct - and a black one which is newer, has the 3D logo, and is thicker/more substantial. A label was made to reflect the correct model number.  Just let me know which one you would prefer and I will make sure it ships that way.

Included is the amplifier with a printed instruction manual, faceplate of your choice per above, and the original box.

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