Altec Lansing 604-8G Vintage Speakers in Custom Fine Furniture Grade Cabinets


This is a rare occasion to own the best modern execution of a vintage speaker we've seen to date. 

We are pleased to offer these one-of-a-kind, custom, Altec Lansing vintage speakers. 

The sound of the 604's is well documented online so we won't got too deep into that piece, but these have the absolute best performance we've ever wrung out of a 15" coaxial speaker. Especially when paired with a low-power vintage tube amplifier from Luxman, McIntosh, or Marantz.

The mid-bass slam is very noticeable and the warm engaging top end is a refreshing change from the modern and harsh speakers of today.  They are just as good a the Tannoy Red's we had last year, but with better bass control and more attack. The only criticism we could come up with is that they don't play well at a very very low volume, something like 0.5 on the volume knob, which is probably why vintage preamps often came with a loudness control.  As soon as you get to a 2 (just past whisper level) on the volume control, they suddenly come to life and all the detail rushes in. 

The vintage and "top of the line" 604-8G drivers look like they just left the factory. The surrounds are shiny and pliable, the cones are intact, and the fabric diffuser surrounds are perfect.  We've never seen a "mintier" vintage driver set, even surpassing the 604-E drivers that we currently have in stock

The crossovers were meticulously hand-crafted utilizing the highest quality capacitors available, and perfectly mounted to the original crossover plates as visible in one of the last photos. 

The cabinets are of the highest quality possible and we would refer to them as "fine furniture grade". These are not homemade wooden boxes as you so often find, rather they are hand crafted cabinets worthy of a palace or estate.  They are made of a high density ply and a thick walnut veneer, finished in a matte clear coat. 

The edges and corners feature a veneer thickness of 1/4" and the grill frames are made from solid stock. The plinths are dual-layer solid stock with casters and have the ability to accept spikes if desired.

The attention to detail truly stands out - from the fasteners holding the back cover and drivers, to the placement flush routing of the speaker plate and crossover. 

The cost to recreate these cabinets would certainly exceed more than two-thirds of this listings total asking price. No corner or expense was spared in this build. 

These would need to ship on one or two pallets via a professional freight courier to ensure safe delivery. And local pickup would likely require two trips, or a large van.  We will also deliver within 50 miles of ZIP code 07450 for free.

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