Pro-Ject Ground it Carbon, Heavy Duty Carbon Isolation Platform With Damping Granulate Filling


SkyFi Audio is proud to partner with Pro-Ject Audio Systems to offer you their HiFi systems and accessories brand new.

The Pro-Ject Ground it Carbon suits all high-end turntables from various manufacturers, especially designed for bigger ones like:
• Xtension 9
• Xtension 10
• Xtension 12
• Signature 10
• Delivered with RPM 10 Carbon

Standout Features
• Resonance free placement for turntables & hifi
• Clearly noticeable sound improvement
• Heavy weight base filled with granular damping
• 4 magnetic decoupling feet
• Piano lacquer finish with carbon layer on top
• Matches charcoal finish of Pro-Ject turntables

(Pictured turntables are not included with this listing. All are available separately);

Technical Specifications
Dimensions (W x H x D)
19.69" x 2.76" x 15.75"
500 x 70 x 400 mm

31.97 Lbs
(14.5 kg)



Original Box


Original Manual


Original Remote

Not Applicable

Original Cables

Not Applicable

Physical Condition

10 - New In Box

Working Condition

10 - New In Box

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