Technics RS-1500 NOS (New Old Stock) Reel to Reel - TESTED and PERFECT


We did it again!

We found a second brand new RS-1500 which is one of our favorite machines and the most versatile of the consumer models.

While the other machine is NOS (New Old Stock) and never even plugged in, this one was thoroughly tested and calibrated so it's ready to go.

In essence the other machine is perfect for the investor/collector that wants to stash it away in a closet; while this one is perfect for the discerning audiophile that wants a brand new immaculate machine ready to use.

This RS-1500 comes complete with every originally included bit and piece including the hub adapters, spacers, manuals, cords, etc.

And yes we'll certainly double-box this machine to make sure the original Technics packing stays intact.

Here's a link to the video of the other NOS machine. While it's not the same item it will give you an idea of how it's packaged and what's included:

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Original Box

Yes Included


Yes Included


No - Sold Separately Originally


Yes Included

Physical Condition

10 / 10 (NEW OLD STOCK)

Working Condition

10 / 10 (NEW OLD STOCK)

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