McIntosh MC-7106 6 Channel Solid State Amplifier


McIntosh 6 Channel Amp, 6x100W, 4x160W, or 3x320W.

Pristine condition

The versatile channel configurations are also perfect for bi-amping a complicated speaker system for optimal performance.

The VU meters, not activated in the pictures, are simply gorgeous and very useful.

This unit, like almost all other McIntosh units, uses a front glass face plate which provides an attractive and very durable finish.

This particular sample is in pristine condition without a single scratch or blemish. It has been fully tested in our lab to manufacturer specifications.

It comes in its original box, and includes the manual and power cord.  

Please note that I have 3 of these units in case you need more than one.

A current McIntosh theater amp will set you back over $7k.

The versatile McIntosh MC7106 can be used in four different basic operating configurations:

  1. Six separate 100 watt channels into 8 ohms, (160 watts into 4 ohms). 
  2. Four 100/160 waft channels and one 320 watt channel, bridged (8 ohms). 
  3. Two 100/160 watt channels and two 320 watt channels, bridged (8 ohms). 
  4. Three 320 watt channels, bridged (8 ohms). 

The Mclntosh HT, Home Theater Series loudspeakers are 4 ohm impedance. The Mclntosh MC7106 will deliver a total of 960 watts of power into these six loudspeakers when used in a Mclntosh Home Theater System.

ELECTRICAL: Eight channels. 40w/ch into 4 ohms. (100w into 4 ohms mono with 2 channels bridged) Response 20-20kHz (+0 -0.25dB). Distortion 0.005%. Noise and hum -112dBA. Output direct coupled for 4 to 8 ohms. No autoformers. Damping factor 100 or greater. Input impedance 20k. Input sensitivity 1v. Sentry Monitor. Power Guard.

FRONT PANEL: Glass panel. Illuminated. Power Guard lights. Power led's indicate when each channel pair is active.

BACK PANEL: Output terminals. Audio inputs and outputs. Power control jacks: in and out. Power sw: on or off/remote. THX 25 pin input connector. Level controls: bridged and stereo/mono. Mode sw: bridged, stereo or mono. Multi-room connector. Fuse.

Size 7-1/16"H, 17-1/2"W and 20"D. Weight 40 lb.



Original Box








Physical Condition


Working Condition



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