McIntosh C29 Vintage Preamplifier


This is the very first C29 to come through the shop.

We were quickly impressed with the build quality and design which is a huge improvement over the (still very good) C28. It's cool to see how these preamps evolved over the years.

This example was lightly serviced and is performing beautifully. Super quiet controls and great sound overall.

Condition is rated a 6 purely from the visible faceplate glass issues along the top and bottom, caused by the original foam tape used behind the glass.

The rest of this C29 is super clean with no signs of rust or pitting.

Unfortunately we're not able to source new faceplate glass at this time/no ETA available from the factory. If this bothers you we can apply a strip of black vinyl adhesive to hide it which I suspect will come out nice.

SkyFi Testing Notes:
• Full function test/re-test - PASS
• Cleaned and tested/re-tested all controls - PASS
- Unit is very well built and tested very well at the bench
- Listening Test - PASS

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Summit Series Silver Streak Analog Interconnects (PAIR) - RCA Ultraplate or WBT Connectors

Kimber Kable - Phono Interconnects

Please see our photos or the linked manual below for full specifications:

McIntosh C29 Preamplifier - Owner's Manual 



Original Box

Not Included


Not Included


Not Applicable


Yes - Power Only

Physical Condition

6 / 10 (Glass Issue)

Working Condition

10 / 10

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