Krell KBX 2-Way Crossover For Apogee Full Range Speakers - Incredibly Rare


Incredibly rare and likely the only chance you'll have to pick one up.

Made by Krell specifically for the Apogee Full Range speaker system. It's a two-way crossover so I suspect you can use it on other speakers with similar specs.

Tested and working as it should all around in our lab. Please note that it will require an external power supply, or connection to the output of another compatible Krell preamp.

We can build an external crossover for you for an additional $800.

And check out our currently listed Apogee Full Range speakers here.

Krell KBX Owner's Reference Manual

"The KBX is a fully balanced/single-ended 2-way crossover, or one channel of a fully balanced/single-ended monaural 3-way crossover. The KBX is fully capable to meet the demands of any bi-amp or tri-amp slope or network"

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