Sumiko S.9 Subwoofer - 350 Watt Amplifier - 10" Long Throw Woofer


Very capable sub from Sumiko featuring a 10" driver and a powerful amplifier.

Bench tested on the LFE input and working well.

Cosmetically this sub has significant cabinet wear and the grill supports are rusted 

Also please note this subwoofer has a damaged Line Input jack. It can still be used with either an RCA cable on the LFE input, or with a Neutrik/Speakon type cable at speaker level (Available Separately). In LFE mode the crossover control is bypassed.

Your purchase includes the subwoofer, a power cord, and the front grill.

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Sumiko S.9 Active Subwoofer - Owner's Manual

As the largest model in the S series, the S.9 will transform your system – any expectations you may have of it – into an engaging, dynamic experience, alive with movement and emotion. The S.9 will produce genuine, room-filling bass with ease, and simultaneously provide previously unheard details and textures guaranteed to thrill.

The Sumiko S.9 utilizes an active-passive configuration; one of the 10-inch drivers is controlled by the 350 watt amplifier, while the other, passive driver reinforces the output of the active driver. This additional surface effectively doubles the air moving capacity of the design. The result is more dynamic, prodigious bass across the entire room while reaching over a half octave below the S.5. Both speaker level and subwoofer (line) level inputs are provided for the most flexible connectivity, and the controls let you dial in the subwoofer to blend perfectly into your system.

One or more Sumiko S.9 subwoofers in your system will transform your listening experience into a spectacular, life-like engagement that will keep you in your seat song after song, scene after scene – all at a very reasonable price.



Original Box

Not Included


Online Only


Not Applicable


Yes - Power Only

Physical Condition

6 / 10

Working Condition

10 / 10

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